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EquipHotel Paris and WTM London - Exhibition Stand design


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The fascination of an exhibition stand comes from the dynamic of the communication concept, customer interaction, audio visuals and contemplation. There are two entirely different philosophies when creating an exhibition presentation strategy. Exhibitors prefering an totally new look for the next exhibition presentation and companies following a recognizable look strategy through their exhibition presentations.

For those exhibitors prefering to have a recognizable look through their exhibition presentations, find below an interesting example of a recognizable look with the common ownership of an organizational philosophy that is manifest in a distinct corporate culture. As result, a modern exhibition stand where the corporate personality is clearly visible in all exhibition presentations.

exhibition design stand design
Exhibition stand design 30m2.

design exhibition stand design
Custom stand design with implementation of corporate identity built in different exhibitions through Europe in different sizes from 30m2 to 88m2.

stand design stand design
Exhibition stand design, 88m2.

stand design stand design
Stand design and build in Paris, France.

design design

design design

stand design stand design

wtm stand design stand design

Stand design and build in WTM London, UK.