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Beautiful and effective custom exhibition stands that generates profit, is the result of professional exhibition services.

Activteam design and manufacturing offers an efficient design and construction network supplying custom exhibits and exhibiting services. As a concerned exhibition stand contractor, we are permanently reviewing our carrier performance, in order to provide you event solutions and how to make an event profitable.

Activteam exhibits is the number one name for exciting, outstanding trade show display and convention services for custom stand design and build.

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How to rent an exhibition design with amazing and impressive solutions

Exhibitions are considered as a great promotion tool because they can to produce large benefits, are a perfect way to

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Be more visible with an innovative exhibition design

The key to effective exhibition stand designs is to learn your customers and what speaks to them. Draw them to your stand with a positive vibe and get them prepared for your offer with the right colors.

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Find an exhibition company that can improve your stand design

Partaking in trade shows and exhibitions is within the more profitable tactics that a business can employ to not simply maximize brand popularity, but attain the minds of potential customers in the large term.

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Expanding Exhibition Presentation Area

  The latest market survey shows that the mean exhibition stand dimensions is going to grow in 15% this year.

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Trade show booth design and build Switzerland Basel

  The advantage of trade show is the possibility they offer to develop consumer contact. Associations can be preserved by

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Innovative suggestions for exhibition booths

Five seconds – that is just how long it takes for any good exhibition booth to get noticed in an

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Develop excellent exhibition stand designs for European exhibitions

Even though few participants concern the beneficial achievement of a trade show, many still discover on their own having difficulties

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Exhibition stand contractors that will create the best concept

Do youknow the features of an effective stand concept? Ahigh-end exhibit stand design is the first objective when you will

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Exhibition stands marketing and promotion

Every company achievement depends upon the total happiness of the clients. Each time a business is planning an exhibition presentation,

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Awarded Custom Stand Design Company

Awarded custom stand designs A remarkable exhibition stand design can express significantly on your company, the reputation and the merchandise

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Create excellent exhibition stand designs for European events

If you’re into the movement of developing your sellingmethods, understandingsomeessential hints on producing a rewarding stand can help to transform the businessstatus from a singleappearance, to a major happening.

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Exhibition stand Manufacturing. Quality materials guarantee building accuracy.

With incorporation of the latest build and technical improvements, advanced materials to create unique projects. With the capability to design and exhibition buildfor every industry, product category and service range.

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An exhibition stand is more than a physical construction

Exhibition stand design is part of the overall marketing strategy. In today’s highly competitive marketplace, to stay ahead, exhibitors need

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How to choose the right trade show

WITH MORE THAN 9,000 TRADE SHOWS   being held each year, choosing the right show can be a hard task.

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Tips on how to prepare a successful trade show booth presentation

Preparing an effective, eyecatching trade show booth presentation can be extremely positive for making face-to-face contacts and sales or purchases,

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Never lose sight of the ‘R’ in eCRM

Many companies who have embarked on, or are embarking on, eCRM programs have fallen into the trap of implementing ‘Customer

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Steps to make your Exhibition successful

There is so much discussion about promoting goods and services at events, and that presents both a challenge and an

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Selecting the right colors for an exhibition booth

Exhibitors often select the color of their exhibition booth similar to the company’s logo. Companies that are for decades in

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Exhibition Marketing Across Cultures

Cultural differences in overseas exhibiton marketing strategy   Exhibition marketing research by John Davis, Activteam. Modern booth design for the

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Attract Targeted Traffic With Powerful Exhibition Design Concept

The consumer practical experience originates from a set of interaction in between a customer and a product, a company, or

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Exhibition stand hire, select an excellent exhibition stand service provider

Participation in international exhibition is a brilliant way to meet new customers and expand your international network, particularly if exploring

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Exhibition booth design and organization tips – Get results

Useful tips and advice for exhibitors on how to get the best results out of your exhibition booth, staff and

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Exhibition booths imaginative and high end basics

Exhibitions are presenting can feature your goods and services on global level and those who are more progressive and flexible

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Courtesy to visitors attract more leads

Ensure availability of as many of the sales people as necessary, and plan their duty. A work plan is essential

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Get noticed with creative award winning exhibition design

In the marketing event, the most crucialissue always is how to stand out. You are not only fighting for the particular attention of the customers by listingthe best qualities of services or products, but also by the entirepresentation of brand and products. In events where thousands of companies exhibiting the mostfundamental concerns is how to set upasignificant presentation.

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Find an exhibition company that can provide creative customized design

Partaking in trade shows and exhibitions is withinthe moreprofitabletactics that a business can employ to not simplymaximize brand popularity, but attain the minds of potential customers in the large term.

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Activteam with more than 15 years in the exhibition business, is an exhibition stand company committed to providing its clients with the best custom exhibition stands. We are specialized in tailored exhibition stands, providing to companies who are aiming to a professional way to display their items. With a technically advanced workforce and a in house design team, Activteam provides professional options which assist firms from throughout the world and their brands to stand apart among their competitors.

High skilled force of building specialists, designers with experience to design innovative and modern exhibition stands create for any kind of shows amazing exhibition stands to reach the marketing targets throughout the world.

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Discover endles exhibition stands style and design possibilities, develop with Activteam the most innovative exhibition stands. Activteam is the first address for global acting companies, well-known brands that search for a professional exhibition approach. For global and local acting companies with particular exhibition advertising targeting to improve the brand name, rise sales or to advertise new products.

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