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Useful tips and advice for exhibitors on how to get the best results out of your exhibition booth, staff and visitors at a trade show.

Quiz your clients

Questions are great to get your potential clients talking. Try not to ask questions that will have a yes or no answer. Ask open ended introductory questions like; “what are your reasons in attending this exhibition?” or “tell me about a particular project you are working on”. These questions will help you determine if your company can help them. If you are demonstrating equipment and products, keep your client interested by asking, “what do you think of this product and how does it differ to what you’re already using?” When you feel the discussion is drawing to an end, you need to investigate how to obtain invitations to quote and to keep in contact. Find out what criteria they look for when choosing a new supplier,(customer service, quality etc). Don’t foget to ask if you can send them some information and then give them a quick call in a few days time!

Follow your floor plans

When you receive the floor plan for your next exhibition, the first thing you may pay attention at is where your competitors are positioned. Other things you need to consider are: traffic flow; if people see a dead end they may not want to proceed further. Columm locations; will the pillars restrict the views to your exhibition stand? If it is in the booth area, use it for creating a placement for visuals and pictures promoting your services. Lighting; will you need extra lighting?

Make an impact

To get customer’s attention in the show you should booth out from the crowd, having a custom designed booth area maybe the reason that a potential customer walked past your booth and straight into your competitor’s! With hundreds of different exhibition booths on the market, it is not easy to stand out. You need a booth that looks professional and stunning. A custom exhibition stand with eye catching visuals, multimedia effects such as light boxes and printings would make your company stand out at the show with a trade fair booth and create a more elegant look.

Memorable mailers

Many people make the mistake of not making completely clear what their company does. People visiting your exhibition booth or receiving mailers after the trade fair show, need to know who, what, where, when and how. Your customers are more likely to want to know this information in the first few lines of text on a mailer or made clearly visible on a exhibition booth, so keep it simple, short and let the images do all the talking.

Less is more with literature

Don’t go overboard with the amount of literature you take with you to an exhibition. Only take what you consider to be a sufficient amount and only hand out your information packs to the best leads. There is no advantage in giving literature to everyone and receiving no contact details or enquiry from them in return. Why not ask for their name and address and suggest that you’ll send them the information in the post instead? Aim to send out packs before the end of the event or just after the show has finished. Make sure you mention something in your correspondence that will remind them of your meeting. When they are back in the office sorting out what company`s brochures to keep, they are then less likely to throw away your literature, and you then save on wastage.

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