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Selecting the right colors for an exhibition booth

Exhibitors often select the color of their exhibition booth similar to the company’s logo.
Companies that are for decades in the market like Sony or General Electric have created their logos with basic colors which are most blue, red, and green. Using basic colors to color the booth, trying to create a corporate image are not necessarily increasing the recognizable look and identity and may result in a boring and old fashion outcome.
An exact match of the color make sense, if the color is either an specific color shade or a color combination like Shell and will be used to create a recognizable look with the company’s corporate identity.

But what should be the color percentage? It depends on the design.

Activteam exhibition marketing specialist John Davis suggests: “If you have a basic logo color, use a small percentage, 5% or 10% of the basic color in your logo then use the modern lighter version of the same color family in a percentage of 20% - 50% depending on the design, and use as base a neutral color as white or light grey.”

The positive outcome will be that the stand will have a modern color scheme and still have a percentage of the company's logo color.

Another option is not use the logo colors at all. Painting the stand in a basic color as white or black and just using the company’s logo is a preferable option.

Exhibitors preferring modern exhibition booths may use white implementing only one light modern shade of the same logo color family or just the basic color of the company’s logo with one sophisticated modern color that fits in a small percentage 2% - 3%.

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What is a modern color in our days? Global color preferences are diverse, color preferences are influenced by culture and climate. Color trends are changing over the years and they are also different from continent to continent or subcultures.

Middle East countries are influenced from desert colors, cultures like China prefer a variation of vibrant colors, and Europeans have a tendency to choice more traditional colors as white silver and blue.
White color is ascending now; dark grays and blues are popular. In the latest decade have been created many sophisticated light colors that provide a physicological perception if cool.

Despite it seems a simple issue, finding the right color mix of an exhibition booth is the art of professional designers.