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Activteam exhibition stand design and build tips, ideas and exhibition marketing resources.

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Activteam provides valuable tips that can enhance all aspects of your exhibiting program.
Find Activteam exhibition marketing case studies and find out how to create an effective exhibition presentation strategy.

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Exhibition stand design and build

Stand design brief preparation

How to create an exhibition stand design brief. Submit an organized request of the stand design requirements to the designer or contractor, is the starting point to develop a stand design that cover all the exhibition targets. Read more »

Select the right colors for your exhibition stand

Color trends are changing over the years and they are also different from continent to continent or subcultures. Read more »

Exhibition marketing across cultures

Culture can influence the business understanding,cultural diffrences ar impotant to achieve success in any market. There are national and local cultures to consider, remember to address political and business cultures, when developing marketing strategies. Read more »

Exhibition tips - Get results

Get people's attention, quizz your clients, make an impact.
Useful exhibiting tips and advice to make the maximal of your trade show presentation. Read more »

Preparing a presentation

Tips for attending a trade fair. Read more »

Have a marketing plan

Effective marketing & design information. Read more »

Booth staff

Courtesy to visitors attract more leads. Read more »

Show selection

How to Choose the Right exhibition. Read more »

Attract Targeted Traffic With Powerful Exhibition Design Concept

A visitor first impression of your stand is essential and how they see your stand will be crucial to your success at the exhibition. Create an exhibition design that works. Read more »

Customer relationship management

Never lose sight of the 'R' in eCRM. Read more »