Tips on how to prepare a successful trade show booth presentation

Preparing an effective, eyecatching trade show booth presentation can be extremely positive for making face-to-face contacts and sales or purchases, finding suppliers, checking your competitors, and finding out the business possibilities really works in the host country. The cost of attending or exhibiting and preparing a good booth design can be high. To maximize the return on your investment of energy, time and money the exhibitor should be very clear about the goals and give yourself time for research and exhibition preparation.

You should also be aware of the limitations of a trade show. While exhibitions give you an opportunity to make direct contact with your target audience, exhibitors and buyers are rushed, which makes conversations and negotiations difficult.

These drawbacks can be minimized if the exhibitor has sufficient preparation and background information. Several months are needed for preparation and to identify the fair that you will attend. The exhibitor should begin laying the groundwork a year in advance. Exhibiting at a trade show in a foreign country means more complex logistics: numerous faxes and phone calls involving you, the trade fair show operator, and local support people, plus customs and transportation delays.

International trade shows:

Participating in an international trade show, should be considered a means of fulfilling long-term goals. At a foreign exhibition, it is often best to participate as a way to establish your company, make contacts for the future, and learn more about a market, its consumers, and products. New companies may not generate high sales, but they often come away with valuable information that assists them with future marketing and product development.

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Your research needs to cover a number of points:

Who is your audience? Is the show for the public or for professionals only? Are the exhibitors primarily foreigners looking for local buyers or locals looking for foreign buyers? Many trade fairs are heavily directed to one or the other; others may be oriented to local activity that they may not be equipped to support international businesspeople. Decide for exposing products produced in one region, a commodity-specific trade fair show, or both. Are you looking for a show that covers a large range of products or a trade show that covers those involved in the production and promotion of a narrow range of products through all stages of the process?

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How many people attended the fair the last time it was held? What were the demographics? What volume of business was done? How many exhibitors were there? How big is the exhibition space? What was the ratio of foreign to domestic attendees and exhibitors?

On what categories of products does the fair focus? Does the fair have a general theme? How long the fair exists? How often is it held? Is it always in the same location, or does it move each time? How much does it cost to attend? Are there any separate or special programs connected with the event? What does it cost to rent space? Where to find booth design services?

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