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The UAE Forum in Carroussel du Louvre, Paris.

The exhibition in Carroussel du Louvre to promote the United Arab Emirates (UAE) business vision by conveying a fact-based and comprehensive portrayal of the country's openness and incentives, as well as foster business partnerships.


Booth manufacturing and management for multiple exhibitions.

UAE exhibition, which has gathered more than 179 exhibitors from government sectors, international organisations, local companies, and private enterprises, was a prestigious event attended by several notable figures from both the UAE and France.

Exhibition booth design in harmony of blue tones and enlightened parts.

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A memorable presence

Exhibition booths designed and realized by Activteam Stand Construction creating the right envinronment for exhibitors, which promoted business interests in investment, tourism and cultural fields. For every industry or services, we create unique and memorable exhibition booths.

Realized project at fairground

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An impressive atmosphere

The booth design of Tamouh was unique with integrated elements from modern Arabian architecture.
Guests were very impressed by both the project and the presentation.

Modern Exhibition booth design is more powerful if local architecture is implemented, reflecting the exhibitors culture.

Seating areas

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