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An exhibition stand is more than a physical construction


Exhibition stand design is part of the overall marketing strategy. In today's highly competitive marketplace, to stay ahead, exhibitors need to distinguish themselves and in fact differentiate from the rest, with a clear, distinct, and desirable image that matters.

For many companies to globalize their products services and brand remains an important and difficult strategy. The below pictures show realized projects with successful implementation of design differentiation strategy.

Exhibition stands can deliver a particular desired experience, content, images, and feelings that enhance a relationship between company and customer, creating value for the target clients a competitive advantage, aggregating an emotional preference.

Exhibition stand design and build Best Western

Best Western exhibition stand at ITB Berlin. Modern and luxurious impressive style, very bright feeling, balance of amazing artistic and functional elements with white leather furniture.

The interior of the exhibition stand was designed with hidden colored lights in blue mix tones, light stripes and spot lights provided a futuristic and gentle atmosphere. Large graphics around the walls creates a vibrant environment that engages customers.

Pictures showing exhibition stand design and build in Berlin, Germany.

stand design stand design stand design
Exhibition stands

Exhibition stand manufacturing quality

Clean forms with a mix of enlightened parts and modern color combination. Meeting rooms are raised 50 cm creating a professional atmosphere on the VIP discussion rooms.

In the lightboxes and light stripes, light is equally distributed without shadows. The lighting source is not visible.

stand design stand design stand design
Exhibition stand manufacturing

Design details

Forms, colors, a mix of enlightened parts, details creating a brilliant atmosphere. The meeting rooms in natural bamboo and a glass waterfall brings a contrast between modern and nature.

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stand design stand design stand design
Exhibition stand design and build