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Exhibition Stands in Italy Design and Build Services, Enable Current and Future Success

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Planning your next exhibition stand in Milan Italy or any other Italian city? Selecting the right builders and the way to make an expo presentation meet your needs is a major concern.

Planning Your Exhibition Presentation Efficiently for the Italian Market

When participatting in numerous trade shows through Italy, as Milan Fair, Bologna, Verona, Activteam is the first name when searching for an perfect possibility to preset your items and marketing activities. To make sure that you can make by far the most of all of your exhibitions. We provide you with wide range of options for designing your exhibition business presentation successfully. For Italian events As your partner, we offer a unique range of services and support based on our extensive forwarded thinking and industry expertise.

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Exhibition Stands Design and Build Solutions in Italy - Get Immediate Supply on Designing and Building the Next Exhibition

There are several advantages for exhibiting your company in the Italian market. Presenting your products or services to the audience within Europe. Examine and find tips of the best ways to choice an exhibition stand contractor in Italy and to generate a perfect booth.

Explore ways on promoting and tips to hire exhibition companies. Secure favourable grounds for demonstration on that marketplace also performing research on competition for other European countries.

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Exhibition stand design and build in Italy from Milan to Rome.


Create Stunning Exhibition Stands for Italian & European Exhibitions

When it comes to taking part in a trade show, it is imperative that you are unique and get noticed.

Well-rounded exhibition supply in Italy with solutions to help to optimize any exhibition presentation. Comprehensive service, designers with the ability for innovation, competent manufacturing managers and staying on site during setup and implementation on the fairground, project management from the beginning until the end of your projects. providing design and construction Europe wide, with two factories we produce and construct your exhibition stand in Italy for every show and every industry, from design, graphics, multimedia, delivery on the fairground we provide an all around support.


Discover high-end exhibition services and reliable support.

Reliable and efficient exhibition supply, covering the entire fabrication and production cycle. Superior support, accross the trade show industry.

  • Custom Design development.
  • Quality production.
  • Woodworking.
  • Furniture.
  • Flooring.
  • Graphics, and audiovisuals.
  • Audio, video, LED display.
  • Stand interior decoration.
  • Buildup and dismantling.
  • Project management.

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Activteam provides design, construction, and a broad variety of abilities for exhibition stand building in Italy, Milan, Verona, Bologna, Rome as: Large booths, double-deck stands for each and every sector. The local position, sleek constructions, and efficient procedures of our operational units, enable us to function cost-efficiently aligned with all your requirements.

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Exhibition Stand Design

Attract potential customers attention. Solutions for unique exhibition stands for the Italian market pace, creating that special feeling with corporate characteristics, where all elements speaks the same language and get attention in the shortest possible time. Read More ยป

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Hire an Exhibition Stand

A modern booth is a space where marketing, communication and creativity are the most important parameters for a highly efficient sales platform environment. Get a reliable trade show company in Italy, that will remain you partner also for other European events.

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Custom Stands

Our expertise extends from creating a design to: fabrication, construction in all exhibitions in Europe. Clients come to comprehensive exhibition services to increase quality and lower costs. Complete assistance to transform project performance.

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Exhibition Stand Services

Our Europe wide execution system in over 12 countries, gives exhibitors the confidence Activteam can deliver. Complex event stands and logistically challenging projects to any exhibition, anywhere in Europe.


Exhibition stand contractor company operating in Italy:

Milan, Rome, Vicenza, Verona, Bologne, Parma