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Custom exhibition stands - A unique look is the key for exhibition success


A remarkable image to the audience

A Customized exhibition stand with a unique look is the key for exhibition sucess. A custom design can give the stand on the fairground a very and impressive appearance. When the design is beautiful and special, it can send a remarkable image to the audience which often will recognize the presentation of an important, leading company.


The materials used for a custom exhibition stand are wood, iron, glass, plexiglass and other materials. Unlimited forms are possible to create in order to to meet customized stands solution. If it sometimes does not have this features as it is built with crippled materials and a free form of individual materials are impossible, door panels are set together and they have limited options to create individual constructions.


A more notable presentation

Custom build stands are usually taller build as the individual construction allows to increase the static. A system stand often does not allow technically to build a high structure.

Custom stands can give more visibility, a more notable presentation. The stand can also be painted in the company's corporate colors or any other color combination, large graphics can be easily placed creating walls with artwork,s on the other side system construction is more limited, as the pre-painted panel colors can be as large only as the pre-built panel size is.

A custom font can have curves and wall can be shaped, instead of the panel system which is only straight and as thin as the panels are. The limitations using system pre-built materials are huge and individual stands are quite difficult to build.

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A unique exhibition stand


A higer budget is obviously needed to get a more individual apperiance on the fairground. However some reasonable question could be how a higher need to be the investment to create a custom stand? And can lead higher customization to an higher return of investment? What level of individuality, notability, customization is needed for a medium or long term exhibition strategy?. Activteam exhibition markenders can provide an answer by knowing more about your company, the services and products and your you exhibition targets. Contact our project management team get access of 20 years experience in exhibition marketing, exhibition construction and an remarkable history of individual custom designed stand projects.

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