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There are many reasons for exhibiting your business in the European marketplace as the Netherlands, UK, Switzerland, France and Italy.


One of the key difficulties for exhibitors is to constantly add value to their brand.
New and innovative elements to their present exhibition presentation mix is essential.

Alternatively, exhibition stand elements for example color, lighting, signage and visual booth design have a direct effect on the buying selection making process.
Exhibition stand design and the environmentis a necessary determinant to business and to engage with new solutions on the fair ground.


Activteam has been is an exhibition stand brand names, that is always prepared to be a great help to companies modernizing the name and effect of the company to the target audience, to existing customers and prospects, and to the marketplace to which the company belongs.

Exhibition stand hire.
Attending multiple shows
If you wish to attend another trade show in a different location, you will need to prepare for the change in layout.

With an capable and experienced exhibition stand company, you can handle your exhibition delivering presentations in multiple exhibitions.
Exhibitions are held in different locations.

Participating in multiple exhibitions.


An innovative, open and enticing stand that has all your branding, advertising material, products or services information and facts simply reachable at eye level is a good beginning, but there is more you can do here.
Exhibition stand design is art and contacting a specialist will guide you in developing the project.
An exhibition or trade fair will have hundreds, if not thousands, of exhibitors, it is necessary that your exhibition stand hire be designed to actually stand out from the crowd.

Your exhibition stand, has a huge influence over how visitors find your business and whether they stop to speak to you.


As opposed to the past, such talks go beyond simply uses and purposes and are progressively more about mapping out basic future perspectives for the industry, considering the exhibitor acting as sponsor.
Exhibition planning, hire the proper service and how to make an expo presentation meet your requirements.
This strong generalconcentrate on the future makes many German, French and UK trade fairs appealing to attendees from throughout the globe.

Several exhibitions in Europe are in conjunction with congresses at which future industry tendencies are disputed.


On the other side, they demonstrate global experience for specific industries by their exhibitions abroad.

The German exhibition companies continue to keep extend their europe wide presence in an effort to ensure that supply and demand is represented as entirely as possible at their leading trade fairs in Germany and in Europe.


The creative concepts are made for global acting companies displaying in international exhibitions in Germany, France , Italy thus allowing exhibitors to take on dynamic and distant European markets with high quality exhibition stands.

European exhibition stand contractor Activteam well known in the exhibition sector with in depth knowledge of events and industries available to exhibitors, exhibiting around Europe.


When searching for exhibition stand solutions is essential to contemplate the expenses of your exhibition before you begin with the booth design.
An exhibitor need to have an overview that the investment stays in a great financial location before starting the booth development.

Although custom exhibition stands presentation is expensive, it might be extremely financially rewarding to your corporation, which is truly worth the time to look into for an improved solution.


Trade fairs and congresses are an invaluable way of making contacts and demonstrating value of the products to vital decision makers.
For this reason it is critical that the product or service and the brand is displayed in the most effective light, emphasize its essential characteristics and value in the market place.




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