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There are numerous reasons behind exhibiting your enterprise in the European market as being the Netherlands, Great Britain, Switzerland, France and Italy.


Activteam has been is an exhibition stand manufacturers, that is always prepared to be a great help to companies stepping up the name and effect of the company to the target customers, to existing buyers, and to the market to which the company belongs.


By having an capable and experienced exhibition stand service, you can handle your exhibition presentations in multiple exhibitions.

Participating in multiple exhibitions
If you would like attend another trade show in a different location, you have to prepare for the change in layout.

Exhibitions are held in different venues.
Participating in multiple exhibitions.
Exhibition stand hire.

New and impressive components to their existing exhibition presentation mix is essential.
One of the key challenges for exhibitors is to continuously add worth to their brand.

In contrast, exhibition stand elements such as color, lighting, signage and visual booth design have an instant effect on the buying decision making process.

Exhibition stand design and the environmentis a necessary determinant to sales and to engage with new solutions on the fair ground.


The creative concepts are made for global acting companies exhibiting in international exhibitions in Germany, France , Italy thus allowing exhibitors to take on powerful and distant European markets with higher quality exhibition stands.

Western European exhibition stand contractor Activteam widely recognized in the exhibition business with in depth knowledge of events and industries designed for exhibitors, exhibiting around Europe.









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