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Exhibition Stand design brief preparation

Often exhibitors requesting a stand design as: "This is my floorplan, provide me a design." This is an approach that will not deliver a professional outcome.
Providing to the designer an organized stand design brief is the starting point to develop a stand design that cover all the exhibition targets.

What requirements should be included on a brief? Starting from the style selection, the target budget and how the space should be divided, should come in first place. Together with the floorplan which should always be provided.

Try to show the exhibition company which stand style you would like to have. The style can be minimalist, luxury, or a thematical stand like an old western style, important is that the stand builds a connection between the company’s coorporate image and the exhibition presentation.

The target budget helps the stand builder to stay inside the budget and provide the best solution for the available amount. The color mix is important, with the information how the space should be divided. Depending on the exhibition targets, a closer design with meeting rooms and VIP areas is more favorable for negotiations or enhancing already existing customer relationships. For newcomers or companies launching a new produtcs an open space can reach their exhibition targets. The exhibition target budget is a key informaytion for a professional exhibition stand provider to develop the right concept.

After defining style, space divisions and colors the next step is to define details about the stand interior as quantity of discussion tables chairs, frontdesks, VIP area or a bar area, closed or open meeting rooms, storage area or a service kitchen.

Product display areas needs to be defined, as they are the central points of attention. How will they be displayed in vitrines, showcases shelves, or other? If the company provides a service how should the message be transmited? Through screens slogans, graphics? The transmission of the right message for service providers is crucial.

After defining all the above requirements an experient designer and exhibition marketers shall develop the design concept.

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