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When preparing an exhibition stand in France, Activteam will design and develop a modern exhibition stand, build, transport and build up at the fair ensuring a high standard delivery. Modern design development, adjusted to the French market and taste is important and needs to be considered for an effective and worthwhile presentation.          

Local particular business culture are considered in the design development including approaches to display products and services to the audience. With experience of decades you can access advanced exhibition presentation solutions that are applied in modern design with brand implementation.

With modern manufacturing locations logistic and transportation you can count on on time delivery and build up on the trade show all over France.

New era in production with its dedication to new concepts that reimagine the way we design and create

We create solutions for our clientele that seamlessly transition from blueprints to real, completed exhibition projects. Taking construction into consideratio nevery step ensures our exhibitors have the superior quality, cost effective manufacturing they expect.

With the latest technological innovation for exhibition booth construction and the highest quality materials .a modern stand should incorporate the latest production and technical improvements, advanced materials to build a unique booth.


What is essential when searching for a qualified exhibition stand contractor

When seeking for an exhibition stand builder, that is able to build successfully your booth, make sure to find a supplier that offers complete service, competent designers and in house construction with the ability for quality material production and finishing. One point of contact project management from the begin until the conclusion of your project.

Your supplier should manage responsibly economic, environmental issues arising in supply chains, utilising obtaining power to achieve positive results. All the time retaining a fair approach to relations with exhibitors:

Custom exhibition stands are different than system modular construction that are a simple way to present products just creating a showroom.
Custom stand builders use resources like wood, iron, plexiglass to shape the materials in a manner that the wanted design and style can be created is that gives your exhibition presentation a exclusive appearance and also branding and an unique look that booths can be created.
Custom exhibition stand build is used by world organizations and international brands because the individual aspect can be reached.
A stand contractor with expertise to form a a a large variety of materials like what iron, plexiglass, plastic, fabrics to to produce sophisticated designs is the key when searching for a stand building company.


Elements that can be created in a custom exhibition stand:

A large selection of quality carpets and wooden floors, laminated Wood panels, vinyl flooring, with the option to be printed.
Riased floor structure with surrounded plexiglass backlight or with metallic frames.

Custom build MDF walls with the flexibility to make round forms and create any possible shape.
Metal handmade construction with modern aluminum iron materials plexiglass and Glass constructions.

Special decorative elements.

Shelves, vitrines built with wooden parts or plexiglass or glass. Iron custom build elements
To create any custom shape.

Light boxes and logos

3D foam logos, 3D backlighted logos, plexiglass backlight logos and light boxes printed.
Custom build light boxes in any form, three dimensional with foam.

Hanging banners

Metal build frames wooden build surfaces printed and backlight with plexiglass or 3D foam constructions.
Metal frame, fabric construction inside backlight.

Multimedia and video walls

Screens in any size, front screens, touch screens, large video walls.
Notepads implemented in work stations.
Large LED screens.

Special constructions

Plexiglass backlight structures, showcasing products with plexiglass or Glass effect and changeable light sources. Lighting effect construction with visual effects and music.

Fabric, plexiglass, glass.

Printings on fabric, plexiglass and the glass backlight effects.

Hanging burners with fabric surrounded and plexiglass back lighted parts.
Glass meeting rooms, transparent VIP areas. Raised glass floors, milky plexiglass podiums inside lightened.

Furniture and decoration

Armchairs and tables, VIP and leather chairs, custom build tables and podiums..
Custom front desks with special lighting effects printed.
Decorated discussion areas with sofas and armchairs.
Entire inner booth decoration with printings, furniture, multimedia.