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Exhibition planning - Choose one of the best contractors to create an expo presentation that meet your needs in France.

For French events as your partner, we offer a unique range of services and support based on our substantial design, construction, logistic possibilities and exhibition planning.
When participating in numerous exhibitions through France, Activteam is the first name when acquiring an exhibition stand. Reserch our exhibition stand galery to get a comprehensive overview of exhibition stand design ideas with all-inclusive prices that are great for your needs.

Activteam exhibition stand build services guide your exhibition construction through France from Paris to Cannes, Lyon to Bordeaux. Supporting the entire stand building and supply chain - fromthe receipt of your input data specifications, to the deliver of the ready built stand.

Exhibitions in France: EducaTec-Educatice - Simi Paris - Urbest Metz - Sport Achat Winter Lyon - CTCO Lyon - C!Print Lyon - e-marketing Paris - Strategie Clients Paris - Workspace Expo Paris - 3D Print Lyon - Eurocoat Paris - France Innovation Plasturgie Lyon - FIP'Valorize - Silmo Paris - IMCAS World Congress Paris - Pharmapack Paris - Texworld Evolution - Premiere Vision - Spinexpo Paris - GSE Expo Europe - Euronaval - Mapic Cannes - Mipim - Cartes Paris

Technicians and Craftsman With Expertise and Construction Capabilities

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Exhibition stand build in Paris, France.

Our Specialties:

- Construction of the most complex exhibition stands for every industry, realization capacity for advanced solutions.
- Cost effective solutions.
- Development in construction technology, materials and finishing.
- A broad spectrum of solutions for custom exhibition stands, double-deck stands, complex booths, covering all industries, with unique solutions for all requirements and needs.
- Manufacturing and build all around France, Paris, Cannes, Metz, Bordeaux, Lyon.

Best Approach for Cultural Differences When Attending Exhibitions in France

Before you start exhibiting in France, there are many cultural aspects that play a important role to define one further success. Certainly, exhibition presentation techniques are powerful, success drivers but if not designed fully to France, neither will work. Same applies for relations: If you're not recommended or nurturing a strong network, expansion can be very challenging.  

Should you decide to participate in some French exhibitions, ensure you know the cultural differences. The fundamental principles of French business Cclture is marked by planning and perfectionism. Exhibition presentations are formal, and they reflect the French sense of quality, but additionally aesthetics that should be reflected in the exhibition stand presentation.

Decision makers in France are usually straightforward. Exhibition stand reflect clean but impressive presentations, good construction quality. Therefore, profesional presentation will dominate also perfect visualisation, graphics, multimediawhich at times might become intense.

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