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When designing exhibition booths is so crucial that it can single-handedly determine the failure or success of an exhibition booth presentation. Consider it as the passage that connects your product or service with a good presentation. The type of bridge you build determines the way potential customers will experience your product and brand.
Find solutions to create personalized exhibition booths to meet your unique marketing objectives and logistic requirements. Activteam uses the latest technologies for exhibition booth construction and the highest quality materials. That means compelling and precise graphics, easy installations, intelligently designed exhibition displays, creating booths that integrate seamlessly, effective and efficient.


Cutting-edge exhibition booth creation - Modern styles and innovation.

Activteam construction services provides build up at all exhibitions in Europe. Offering to international exhibitors the know-how from project conception to completion and beyond. Competence across a broad range of construction disciplines permits us to supply our clients services that span the entire build and management support of international exhibition participations.

Designing for businesses and seeking for a global strategy for their events in Europe. Producing professional design concepts that reflect their corporate and brand identity, Activteam implements a whole number of tools which are using the logo and it’s identity. Giving weight towards the distinctive aspects of a business and expressing them through variations of communication.
With the experience of two decades designing and constructing high-end custom booths, system and budget stands, with in-house design studio, skilled designers and competent, experienced marketers, any exhibitor can find reliable support to improve, refresh or modernize their exhibition booths.

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Find designers with the capability to design for every industry, product category and service range. Experts that help to design and construct a booth presentation platform aligned with the exhibitor's objectives. From technological custom exhibition booths to merchandise display, services presentations, environmental booths etc.

Experienced designers and manufacturing facilities, provide masterly created concepts for every industry, every product or services. Stand out with your booth presentation in Europe or in the Middle East.

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Get immediate results on creating the next exhibition presentation. Taking time to comprehend exactly what our clients truly require: Having a track record kept of every customer, taking down precisely what their requirements are, and their long term targets. Helping to prepare build and manage their presentation campaigns. 

When looking for an exhibition booth constructor, with a broad range of abilities to construct exhibition stand structures, which incorporates system stands, budget alternatives and larger exhibition booths, for every sector.

Activteam offers exhibition booths for trade shows Europe wide:

Germany: Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hanover, Cologne, Berlin, Munich, Dortmund, Essen, Friedrichshafen, Hamburg, Leipzig, Karlsruhe, Nuremberg, Stuttgart - UK: London, Birmingham, Harrogate - France: Lyon, Paris, Bordeaux - Italy: Milan, Rome, Vicenza, Verona, Bologna - Netherlands: Amsterdam - Spain: Barcelona, Madrid