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With the receipt of your requirements to the supply of your ready exhibition stand, our concepts arexhibition stande produced and made to assist customers find trustworthy and proven methods to increase revenue, keeping costs down.

Using the newest technologies for exhibition stand manufacturing and also the greatest quality materials, Activteam incorporates the most recent build and technical enhancements, advanced materials to construct unique projects. Using the capacity to create and exhibition build for each industry, product category and services range.

As your point of contact, Activteam covers the whole manufacture and supply chain - in the receipt of the input data specifications towards the receiving the ready built stand. Since the entire exhibition build chain, top quality finishing using the implementation using advanced technologies along with custom design abilities.

Clever, highly custom efficient stand solutions are made to increase manufacturing and build up accuracy in an exceedingly competitive exhibition world. Quality materials, neat and fine colored surfaces can generate a visible improvement in the general look.
Our clients get rewards from our flexible project management software, and digital organized administration processes, making certain you get the versatility you have to react to your Europe wide exhibition presentations. Customized stand build solutions enable professional exhibition marketing presentation platforms.

Enjoy the Benefits of Our Europe Wide Stand Design and Manufacturing Services

Activteam supplies an effective design and building service delivering customized exhibition services. An engaged exhibition stand company, that are always analyzing our overall performance, in order to give you trade show solutions and help to make your event successful.

Exhibition Stand Construction

Being a partner for the exhibition industry, we support your construction efforts to turn these challenges into even greater possibilities. We help with successful exhibition presentation future and offer new possibilities to improve your competitive strength. Managing, designing and construction your exhibitions in all European Countries, Middle East and Asia.Read More »

Exhibition Manufacturing, custom built, bespoke stands

Activteam provides design, manufacturing, and a wide range of capabilities to build exhibition structures including large exhibition stands, double-deck stands, for every industry. The regional presence, lean structures, and effective processes of our operational units permit us to operate cost-effectively here in line with all exhibition needs.Find exhibition stand hire solutions.

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Discover construction and supply chain for your special needs, ready build concepts. New trends in manufacturing with its commitment to new concepts that reimagine the way we manufacture and build up. With the newest technological innovation for exhibition stand construction and the highest quality materials. We create solutions for exhibitors that seamlessly transition from blueprints to real, completed exhibition projects. Taking constructability under consideration at every step ensures our exhibitors have the top quality, cost-effective manufacturing they expect.

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Activteam provides design, construction, and a wide range of capabilities to build exhibition structures-including large exhibition stands, double-deck stands, in every industry. With a reliable and efficient stand construction network with two production units in Central Europe we provide an optimum cost/service performance in all services for all European geographical regions.

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Whether small, medium or large and complex exhibition stands, Activteam opens doors of possibilities for service and exhibition stand supply that want to perform success in a greater sense by showcasing products or services that they supply, by various methods of showcasing at an exhibition. From terrific custom-made exhibition stands to stylish, sophisticated, and extraordinary styles - whatever you need, we are prepared to offer options.

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Custom Design development - Quality production - Woodworking - Furniture - Flooring - Graphics and audiovisuals - Audio - LED displays - Stand interior decoration - Buildup and dismantling -Project management.