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Exhibition Stand Design and Build


When searching exhibition stand design and build services which will cover the entire creation,  and exhibition stand manufacturers, with the best package to create your expo stand, inclusive perfect construction, our program can provide excellent solutions, development, construction, logistics, build-up and all related services across Europe.


Exhibition Stand Design

With modern exhibition stand designs for every industry, products and services, award winning designers, with unlimited ideas, will help you to find the right design concept.Our architects with progressive ideas work together with our marketing specialists to incorporate all your necessities, but also your exhibition targets and the way how to present products and services. This synergy is important for any trade show presentation.     



Custom Design creation for best interaction and engagement

Define your stand type. This is often related with the budget as custom build exhibition stands are the most costly but also the most efficient. They can be customized and reach high visibility transmit your brand name and message in the best way.

If the budget is available search for an exhibition booth design and stand builder company that can create structures with curves and work with materials like wood, MDF, glass, Plexiglas. Where the construction does not look like just assembled with already existing parts.


Exhibition Stand Creation

Exhibition stand designers with knowledge and to know how can create modern concepts but most important, is to be connected with marketing specialists that can analyze the trade show targets products or services and indicate the best implementation in a efficient layout outcome.

The creation needs to be indicated by marketing specialists therefore, the architects needs to implement those information because the  responsibility is to provide an efficient modern eye-catching concepts but the marketing department is in charge of analyze the companies goals, branding issues and transmit suggestions of implementation to the architects.The  result of your stand project will influence the status of your brand, products and services demonstration and will be the imperative of future companies success.


Request a design

When all your targets and requirements and wishes are together in the brief of requirements. Send them to receive an offer to the best providers, select three or four. Do not send to the entire internet, probably is the next time the best builders will probably not see the chance to win and not provide a design.

Exhibition Stand Build


With an experienced staff of exhibition stand builders in Europe. We can produce exhibition booths with a wide range of material alternatives, as  wood, metal, Plexiglas, MDF, glass.  Our carpenters are masters in custom creations of large custom stands with complex forms and curves.
We are able to cut shapes from wood, metal. plexiglas with advanced technology and machinery. Along with constructing custom trade show stands from wood and steel we can easily also fabricate wooden floors, printed floors, fabric elements, led backlighted logos, led backlighted displays, covering every complex construction demands.

                                                                                                        stand build

Manufacturing of the Exhibition Stand 

Advanced and modern custom designs require a workforce that is capable to produce handmade parts in superior quality and to form metals, wood, MDF, plexiglass with an excellent finish.

The time required for manufacturing varies depending on the  size of the stand and the complexity and the design elements used. The time needed for a more simple medium size Booth from 30 ton 60 square meters is at least 30 days above hundred square meters the time needed for production is 6 weeks to 2 months.

The Installation & Logistics Phase

Exhibition stand design and build include all stages of design and build transportation Logistics and assembling on the fair also involves project management. That is where Logistics comes into play. 

The final phase in having a perfect stand is the built up on the fairground which is guaranteed by our construction manager responsible on the fair to hand over the stand by your arrival perfectly made.

Get Support to Design Your Unique Design Concept and Build an Outstanding Exhibition Booth


exhibition stand design booth design stand build


Trained, experienced workforce - Activteam successfully put together trained, experienced, and highly capable workers who can provide you the concept that you are yearning for, without worrying about your funds and the finances you are about to invest in your highly remarkable exhibition stands. This will surely attract customers and allow your business to gain a good reputation that will impact your market. 

We have a great zeal of serving, and providing assistance to businesses in the field of making innovative exhibition stands and designs. With this passion to provide this type of assistance, assuring you not just of exceptional and remarkable exhibition stand designs that will surely leave a mark in the minds of the target customers, but more importantly of the success of the event that will bring the overall success of the sales and profit of the company.