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When searching exhibition stand design and build services which will cover the entire design, manufacture and supply chain, with the best package to create your exhibition stand design, inclusive perfect construction, our program can provide excellent design solutions, design development, construction on the fairground, logistics, build-up services across Europe.


                                          Exhibition Stand Design

                                                                      Exhibition stand design and build Exhibition stand design

                                                                              Exhibition stand design and build, Germany, Cologne.

With modern exhibition stand designs for every industry, products and services, award winning designers, with unlimited ideas, will help you to find the right design concept.
Exhibition stand designers with progressive ideas work together with our exhibition marking specialists to incorporate all your necessities, but also your exhibition targets and the way how to present products and services. This synergy is important for any exhibition presentation.

                                              Exhibition Stand Build

                                                                         stand design stand build

                                                                                     Exhibition stand design and build in Italy, Verona.

with an experienced staff of custom exhibition stand builders. We can produce exhibition booths with a wide range of material alternatives, as  wood, metal, Plexiglas, MDF, glass.   Our carpenters are masters in custom creations of large custom stands with complex forms and curves.
We are able to cut shapes from wood, metal. plexiglas with advanced technology and machinery. Along with constructing custom trade show stands from wood and steel we can easily also fabricate wooden floors, printed floors, fabric elements, led backlighted logos, led backlighted displays, covering every complex construction demands.


Make a Custom Exhibition Stand Work for Your Company

Activteam support compelling exhibit design and an informative support team understands the unique needs, message, and goals of the exhibitors. Sophisticated structural designs and an inviting atmosphere with efficient exhibition solutions that provide the impact that gets results.

When researching options, there are specific details that should be taken into consideration. For the greatest impact, it is better to work with an experienced team of professionals who understand the importance of attracting the right people while persuading others.
With the right design, an exhibition stand can do much more than make a company look good. Companies that set themselves up as major players, with winning concepts and a commanding exhibition stand, are the ones that get the most out of their presence.

Exhibition Stand Build Service - For companies looking for exceptional and matchless designs

Exhibiting with modern design, implementation of corporate and visual brand, custom build booths are considered as a strategic target. With great importance for a global business strategy.

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Trained, experienced workforce - Activteam successfully put together trained, experienced, and highly capable workers who can provide you the design that you are yearning for without worrying about your funds and the finances you are about to invest in your highly remarkable exhibition stands. This will surely attract customers and allow your business to gain a good reputation that will impact your market.


We have a great zeal of serving, and providing assistance to businesses in the field of making innovative exhibition stands and designs. With this passion to provide this type of assistance, assuring you not just of exceptional and remarkable exhibition stand designs that will surely leave a mark in the minds of the target customers, but more importantly of the success of the exhibition that will bring the overall success of the sales and profit of the company.