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When searching for an exhibition stand builder with the capacity to build custom exhibition stands, for every industry and every demand, find our exhibition stand builders program. With all around and perfect service support, for your international exhibition stand enquiries and special demands.


What means success in exhibition stand build?


Through the use of custom build technics and a range of natural materials we can shape any form and build any design concept, that can bring your ideas to life in an environmentally mindful and cost-effective way, while also delivering high-quality. Attractive design and booth style that are proven to provide strong impressions.

Working with the best elements, providing advanced construction capabilities with wooden constructions, iron, plexiglass to create exclusive custom stands. With production of any shapes from wood, iron, plexiglass.

Using the latest technological innovations and machinery. Apart from building custom exhibition booths from wood and steel we can easily also fabricate special structures using acrylic, glass or plastic materials.
We are specialized in backlighted panels, and well known for creating illuminated surfaces, floors and walls. Curved walls and customization are important and can increase interior quality, atmosphere, and also improve the visibility in general.

What Exhibition Stand Build Services you Need When Preparing Your Next Event?

When researching for exhibition stand builders, it is very important to find a contractor that integrates the newest skills and has the capability to create and construct for each industry, product category and services range that covers the entire exhibition manufacturing and supply chain.
Find a exhibition service provider that is using the most up to date technologies for exhibition stand manufacturing and also the greatest value materials.

Find Exhibition stands types, Stand Styles and General services:


- Custom build     - Simple     - Exhibition stand construction for every industry
- Prebuild / system     - Modern     - Custom design development
- Double deck     - Futuristic     - Quality manufacture
- Outdoor stands     - Minimalist     - Furniture, flooring
- Wood custom     - Thematic     - Audio, video, LED display
- Budget stands     - High end     - Stand interior design

Exhibition Build Services Overview

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Exhibition stand build in Germany, Cologne

Design and build - Customized design - High end and low cost solutions - Design sketching to explore possible concept solutions - Visuals printing and installation - Project development and support - Transport and logistics - Build up and dismantle - Storage between shows


What is the difference between custom exhibition stands, system stands or pre-build stands?

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In the exhibition industry are two types of exhibition stands dominant: Custom exhibition stands and system stands. System stands made from pre-build panels. There are numerous aluminum systems available for modular system stands. Modular stands usually use exhibition stand systems like Aluvision, Octanorm that can be assembled and dismantled to be expanded and reconfigured. At Activteam you can find modular system, Alluvision extrusions, aluminum and system build in-house this makes our modular exhibition stand system the most competitively priced.

Custom exhibition stands are hand-made from wood, iron glass and can support unlimited design options. Custom stands because of high customization can perform better, as every shape can be constructed to generate more visibility on the fairground. When you are looking for branding, leadership image and excellent implementation of corporation identity, look for a concept that is custom designed.
Research build up and construction packages to build your exhibition stand in multiple exhibitions in Europe.


What Is The Best Type of Exhibition Stand?

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The most effective type of exhibition stand depends on numerous aspects for instance; spending budget, design goals, exhibition targets, exhibition space and layout. Whether you are looking for pre-build or a custom exhibition stand with set up, services, but also in which event are you participating.
From the initial request, we can build the stand for your specifications. Each business sector needs its own design style for instance pharmaceutical, machinery or software can be very different considering the design demands each industry and business sector needs.


How we Will Process Your Request?

First we receive your brief. Where you let us know what details you have and we discuss with you some points. Right after that conversation we begin developing an exhibition stand design according to your budget. As soon as the stand design is finished we plan in your stand manufacturing, transporting and build up on the fairground. You simply arrive to the event and take handover of your finalized exhibition stand the day prior to the exhibition starts.

How to find exhibition stand builder and best support?

Find quality stand build services for your Europe wide trade show presentations. From Norway to Italy, from France to Germany all across Europe. Get in contact for best sophisticated build exhibition services. With excellent construction quality we provide an all-around solutions from the initial stage of preparing a concept according to requirements, design and 3D drawings and project development today custom build exhibition stands on trade shows throughout Europe.

Exhibition Build - How to obtain superior support for your upcoming trade show?

Searching for a competent exhibition stand builder is the key starting point when targeting high end exhibition stand concepts. It is important to find a constructor with the ability to incorporate the most recent techniques and the capacity to create and build for each industry, product category, services range that covers the whole trade fair manufacture and supply chain. Find a service provider that is using the newest technologies for exhibition stand manufacturing and also the greatest High-end materials. Technical enhancements, advanced materials are key element to construct unique projects that generates a great outcome.

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When looking for a stand building company with services across Europe for your multiple exhibition presentations. Search for beneficial administration systems and project management build up and assembling, warehousing and project coordination, graphics printing, stand installation and disassembling. With flexible project management you can be certain to get the mobility to react to your Europe wide exhibition presentations.


Activteam offers expo design, trade fair construction, and a number of capabilities to build structures including large exhibition stands, double-deck stands, for every industry. The regional presence, lean structures, and effective procedures of our operating units permit us to operate cost-effectively construction, transport logistics and build up, covering all exhibition needs.
With a reliable, efficient stand building network and with two production units in Central Europe, you can expect an optimum cost/service performance in all exhibition services for all European geographical regions.


Stand builders providing fabrication services at the following countries:

UK: London, Birmingham - Germany: Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hanover, Cologne, Berlin, Munich, Dortmund, Essen, Friedrichshafen, Hamburg, Leipzig, Karlsruhe, Nuremberg, Stuttgart - France: Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux - Italy: Milan, Vicenza, Verona, Bologna - Netherlands: Amsterdam - Spain: Madrid, Barcelona


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