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When searching for full exhibition services, modern stand design, booth construction capabilities and project management across Europe, get in contact with Activteam for industry-leading construction expertise, that leads to exceptional structures and enduring partnerships.
Activteam has been delivering award-winning exhibition stands across all European countries for more than 20 years. Our professional construction teams provide high-quality, responsive service supported by significant developing capability.

We operate in cooperation with exhibitors and our design teams during planning to realize trade show targets, and to deliver maximum benefit. Our team approach means we consistently work together with in-house and outside experts in supply, transport, project management architectural detail, and scheduling.

When looking for an exhibition stand builder in Europe, with the capacity to build custom exhibition booths, for every industry and every demand, find our exhibition stand builders program, with all around and perfect service support, for your international expo stand enquiries and special demands.


Custom Exhibition Stand Build

With the help of customized technology and a selection of natural materials, we are able to make any shape or form, and create every design idea, which could bring your concepts to life in an eco efficient and economical manner, as well as delivering top-quality. The attractive design and the booth look that has been proved to create strong impressions.

Making use of the most effective components, we offer the most advanced building capabilities using wooden constructions, iron and glass and plexiglass, we can create unique custom stands for trade shows. The production can be made in any form made of iron, wood, and plexiglass.
Utilizing the most recent technological advances and machines. In addition to creating special expo structures made of steel and wood, we can quickly create special designs made of acrylic, glass, or even plastic.
We specialize in backlighted panels. We are also well-known for our illuminated surfaces floors, and walls. Customization and curving walls are essential and could improve indoor appearance, atmosphere, improving quality and visibility.


Best Design & Build Services for Exhibitions Across Europe

If you are looking for exhibition stand builders, it's crucial to choose an exhibit build company that has the skills and the capacity to develop and design for each sector as well as product and service offer that spans the whole show manufacturing process and supply cycle. Locate an exhibit service company which is using modern technology for manufacturing exhibition stands and the best value material.

Find Stands Types, Styles and General services:


- Custom build     - Simple     - Expo stand construction for every industry
-  system     - Modern     - Custom design development
- Double deck     - Futuristic     - Quality manufacture
- Outdoor stands     - Minimalist     - Furniture, flooring
- Wood custom     - Thematic     - Audio, video, LED display
- Budget stands     - High end     - Stand interior design

Exhibition Build Services Overview:

Design and build - Customized designs - High end and low cost solutions - Design sketching to explore possible concept solutions - Visuals, printing and installation - Project development and support - Transport and logistics - Build up and dismantle - Storage between shows

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Exhibition stand build in Spain


What is the most effective kind of exhibition stand?

custom stand  stand

The best type of exhibition stands is based upon a number of elements, such as cost budget and design objectives, products to be displayed, marketing targets, the space available for exhibiting, etc. Based on these factors the exhibitor can opt for:

A custom designed trade show stand as they are the ultimate branding tool. Custom-built stands help you establish your authority during the trade fair. They are much more costly than other display options, but help establish your company's image as a leader in the marketplace.

A modular stand that is made comprised of various parts that join together to make an exhibit stand. Personalization and design choices are very limited, making your presence at the show less noticeable.


What is the difference between custom exhibition stands, system stands or pre-build stands?

Two types of exhibit stands dominate the industry today: System stands pre-build structures, and custom exhibition stands. Numerous aluminum systems and modular stands are available. Modular exhibit stands include the building systems, such as Aluvision or Octanorm. These can be assembled, disassembled, and reconfigured. This modular system has the lowest prices in Europe.
The custom stands are designed on demand, can be made in wood, iron, glass and an infinity of materials. There are also unlimited options for design. Because of their customization, custom stands are more effective, as they allow for more shapes to be built. They also generate more visibility in the fairground. Look for special-designed concepts when you're looking to brand, project leadership or implement corporate identity.

Packages for research, construction and building your exhibit stand to multiple European exhibitions.


How We Process Your Request?

We will first receive your initial brief. We will then discuss the details with you. After that discussion, we start designing an exhibition stand according to your budget and wishes. Once the design of your exhibition stand is complete, we will plan the manufacturing and transporting to the fairground. The day before the start of the fair, you simply need to arrive at the venue and receive your ready trade show stand.

How to get exhibition stand build with the best support?

Find quality stand build services for your Europe wide trade show presentations. From Norway to Italy, from France to Germany all across Europe. Get in contact for best sophisticated exhibition stand contractors. With excellent construction quality we provide an all-around solutions from the initial stage of preparing a concept according to requirements, design and 3D drawings, project development today, custom build exhibition stands on trade shows throughout Europe.

Exhibition Build: How can you get superior support to your trade show?

When aiming for high-end stand designs, the first step is to find a builder who can deliver.
You need to look for a builder who can incorporate new technologies and has the capabilitactivteam workery to design 
and build stands
that are suitable for every industry and product. Look for a provider who uses the latest technologies and High-end materials to manufacture exhibition stands. To create unique and successful projects, it is important to use advanced technologies.

Search for stand builders that offer services in Europe to accommodate your many exhibitions. Look for a company that offers a variety of services, including stand building, assembly, storage, project coordination, graphic printing, installation, and disassembling. Flexible project management will allow you to be able to attend to exhibitions across Europe. 

Activteam provides expo design and trade fair construction as well as a variety of building capabilities, including double-deck exhibition stands for all industries. Our regional presence and lean structure, along with our effective operating procedures, allow us to cover all of your exhibition requirements.