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Exhibition Stand Construction and Build up in Switzerland


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Choose the right stand builders to make a presentation meet your needs in Switzerland

For Switzerland events as your partner, we offer a vast range of services and support based on our extensive design, construction, logistic capabilities and exhibition planning.
When participating in numerous exhibitions throughout Europe, Switzerland, Activteam is well-known when contracting an exhibition stand, for an perfect presentation of products and services.

Activteam exhibition stand build services guide your exhibition construction through Switzerland from Zurich, Bern, Base, Geneva. Supporting the entire stand building and supply chain - from the receipt of your specifications brief, until the delivery of the ready stand on the fairground.

Events - BIO-Europe Spring Basel - Giardina Zurich - Fespo - Auto Zurich - SwissBau - 3DBODY.TECH - Berner Wine Fair - Geneva International Motor Show - Prodex Basel - Aidexpo - HDC - Chemspec - ECOC - Ornaris - Music Expo - Ebace Geneva - Vitafoods - Sibos - IMEX

Technicians and Craftsman With Expertise and Construction Capabilities

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Skills and responsibility of technicians:

- Building up the most complex exhibition booths for every industry.
- Cost effective system solutions.
- Innovation in manufacturing technology, materials and finishing.
- Large variety of solutions for custom exhibition stands, system booths, covering all industry with exclusive solutions for every needs.

Cultural differences when attending an exhibition in Switzerland

If you intend to participate at Swiss exhibitions, make sure you know the cultural differences. The principles of Swiss business environment is notable by organization, planning and accuracy. Exhibitions and business meetings are very formal, reflecting the Swiss tradition of precision and quality, that should be shown in the exhibition stand presentation. Preparing your exhibition efficiently Swiss companies are generally averse to risk. Expect every detail of your demonstration as exhibition stand perfection, quality materials and finishing will be carefully examined. To make sure that you can make by far the most of all of your exhibitions, we provide you with specific know-how on how to present your exhibition in Switzerland, building up your exhibition presentation successfully.

Exhibition services

With excellent exhibition stand design and build up and consistent help and support.  Taking care of the complete design, manufacture and delivery chain. Superior services as custom design development and quality production.

our service includes:                                       banner


– Wood working and prebuild system
– Furniture.
– Floor covering.
– Graphics.
– LED and backlighted displays.
– Stand interior decoration.
– Transportation Europe wide
– Build up and dismantling.
– Project management.