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Exhibition stand hire along with 20 years of experience, worldwide awards, recognition in hundreds of publications worldwide, new dynamic ideas, rapid solving problems ability, and a passion for innovative solutions, Activteam is an important advantage to revitalize

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and excite trade show presentations.
To fulfill the superior wishes of custom stands personalization expectations, Activteam brings solutions that ensures high recognition of trade show presentations and projects developed for operational efficiency.  


Activteam offers the right solutions, all varieties of custom styles, options to increase presentation effectiveness and visualization of products and services. Drawing on in-depth knowledge of event presentation methods. With reliable and continuous supply of exhibition hire services while keeping expenditures stable.   


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Having pioneered in development and installation of custom-made stands since 1997, with exclusive practical experience includes a large global exhibition design and build structure.

Our collaborative exhibition stand hire environment offers: banner

Exhibition stand hire - Solutions for leading global companies

Services Focused on Exhibition Objectives - Outstanding design & branding, marketing solutions for large custom made structures. For multinationals and global acting companies wishing to establish their presence and to promote their businesses.

With the understanding of the importance of trade fair presentations and also to introduce new products or services, our commitment is going behind delivering an excellent exhibition booth. Access to experience of 20 years in exhibition design, rentals, and project management.

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All inclusive booth rental packages

Exhibition stand hire services with the ability to supply the right solutions, all varieties of exhibition stand styles and custom alternatives to increase the presentation performance and visualization of products and services. Drawing on in-depth knowledge of modern presentation methods. With reliable and continuous supply of exhibition services while keeping your expenditures stable, while helping to optimize any presentation. Designers together with the ability for innovation, skilled construction managers staying on-site during build up and implementation on the fairground, with project management support from the start until the end of your projects.

Find exhibition design, construction and hire services for all branches

As a reliable partner a trade fair service provider and contractor, building custom stands for all branches and industries, with a wide range of options.



Find immediate results when creating your next exhibition demonstration

Activteam offers design, construction, and wide range of capabilities for hire any kind of structures-including large exhibition stands, double-deck stands, for each and every industry.