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Find more than one hundred exhibition stand design and realization pictures in our portfolio, Showing in detail the stand design and build comparison, where the precise execution is shown. The pictures shows ou potential of realizing complex exhibition booths for every industry.

Exhibition design has went into a new modern age. Gone are the days of the old boring styles. Creating a design concept targeting an unique, inviting presence start with a modern design and is a critical portion of a project.


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Stand Designs for Exhibitions

Tailored exhibition stands can raise dramatically the exposure, creating a more remarkable presentation. Custom made one-of-a-kind shapes.

Design is an essential part of a successful exhibition considering also the differentiation strategy. It showcases craftsmanship and innovative thinking that results in the products or services that are being presented. Exhibition stand design has been evolving rapidly due to the advancement of technology.

In order to make a statement at a trade show, Activteam designers look into the newest developments and styles that are being used by exhibitors. Factors such as the nature, industry, theme, budget, and target market are also equally important while planning the design of the exhibit.

Our Specialities:

  • Custom build
  • Prebuild / system
  • Double deck
  • Outdoor stands
  • Wood custom
  • Budget stands
  • Simple
  • Modern
  • Futuristic
  • Minimalist
  • Thematic
  • High end
  • Exhibition stand construction for every industry
  • Custom design development
  • Quality manufacture
  • Furniture, flooring
  • Audio, video, LED display
  • Stand interior design

Developing a custom exhibition stand design is among the keys that will permit a business to spread out doorways to achieving business success. A bespoke design can make the preferred picture the sensation and also the image and execute a practical and beneficial way in which assures companies of immense strengths and numerous advantages.

Custom-made exhibition booths having a winning, industry related look in addition to superior appearance would be the secret for exhibition success.

Personalized trade exhibition stands can elevate dramatically their exposure, developing a more outstanding presentation.

Including custom exhibition stands, we offer an assorted selection of services to match the individual requirements of our exhibitors. These types of services could be mixed and matched as preferred, and so are individually customized to match the requirements of each stand project.

When creating a stand design concept targeting an unique and inviting presence, hire an exhibition stand design company and start with a modern design. Design is a critical portion of a project. Using harmonic color combinations of your branding colors, producing an welcoming interior, can dramatically elevate the efficiency of your stand.

To get more information around how we can help you design your exhibition stand, communicate with us today. Additionally you can see a large design portfolio and our design guide, which describes the benefits of the design and build method and takes you through the tips to completing a very good project.

Explore How Design Can Make a Difference

Tailor-made designed exhibition stand - Targeting a highly skilled trade show demonstration. Exhibiting at trade shows is a vital art of many businesses and there marketing efforts. Develop with Activteam next generation design concepts and all visual elements, unique exhibition stand designs that interacts with the audience.

Our revolutionary solutions increase customer relationships, as they generate a particular desired experience, content, images, and impressions.


Progressive exhibition stand solutions - Research highlights

Modern innovations to help meet growing demand in exhibition presentations, while also providing a objective specific approach. Our portfolio includes design, manufacturing and exhibition marketing breakthrough customization, and implemented of stand presentation techniques. Find winning stand solutions»

Design and realization portfolio - Explore solutions

Find more than one hundred exhibition stand design and realization pictures, showing in greater detail the stand design and build, where the precise execution is shown. The pictures show the design and the fabrication of sophisticated stands for every industry, built with high quality materials and superior standards.