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Activteam exhibition stand contractors managing your exhibition in the UK and Europe



Searching for an exhibition stand contractor with the capability to design and build your custom exhibition stands and manage your exhibitions in Europe and the UK?


Activteam is the first name in custom exhibition stand design and construction services, including services in the UK, London, Birmingham, Manchester. An advanced administration environment allow our exhibitors to have a complete overview of their stand projects. A competent project management make the participation in multiple exhibitions through Europe easy.


Exhibitors with an Europe-wide exhibition participation plan, looking for a partner in the UK to support their activities, find by Activteam competent project managers that can easily understand the requirements, inovative designers with unlimited ideas, and exhibition marketers to implement your exhibition targets into the overall exhibition stand project.


Exhibiting today in Italy, tomorrow in the Netherlands and preparation for the exhibition the UK needed?


The exhibition stand preparation plan for a company exhibiting in multiple exhibitions can be easy and difficult in the same time as successful or unsuccessful, it depends often of the partner.

Activteam project managers and designers, a well organized administration system gives the perfect support to design and construct custom exhibition stands and participate at Europe wide exhibitions.


Exhibition stands developing the right concept

Establish a theme and design accordingly:

Consider signage font style and size, stand design, and construction when developing the theme. Seek for training or help from those who have expertise in this area.

Value rather than vanity:

Tip: Always ask these questions first: Does this element of our exhibition booth leave a perception of value or vanity in the mind of a site visitor? What is the benefit to the visitor?

Design for prospects and customers:

A visiting prospect perceives value when they leave convinced that your company can meet their personal or business needs at a price they find acceptable. With a prospect, the image your stand presents is often as important as the substance it provides.
A visiting existing customer finds value primarily through a continuous stream of new answers. Each time they access your exhibition stand, they want specific and valuable professional information to help them with their personal or business needs.

Develop both a dynamic and evolutionary plan:

A dynamic exhibition stand will be updated as often as practical. The Internet is changing and evolving so rapidly that new products, methodologies, and standards are appearing on a daily basis. Your stand, too, must continually evolve to remain relevant. A planned schedule of updates and enhancements and a competent exhibition stand contractor will help ensure that new components are part of the overall stand's “look and feel” and that they work smoothly and seamlessly with your existing exhibition stand content.

Visitor demographics:

Collect as much information about the visitor as possible without alienating them in the process.
Requests for more information, opinion polls, surveys, etc. should be short and simple to ensure that the visitor will provide the information. Tip: Always ask for the visitor's E-Mail address. Whenever possible, reward the visitor with something free, such as a contest, special sale price, or valuable information to be sent via E-Mail.

Have a marketing plan:

Define what it is you want to accomplish, and how you will measure success. This could be anything from building awareness to introducing a new product. Most companies don't know if they are successful at trade shows because they have no plan, and therefore no way to measure performance.