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Booth design for exhibitions

Preparing a booth design for exhibitions need to consider some important points. The creation of just a show room might not deliver the expected exhibition results. Not considering the exhibition marketing targets will not produce the expected ROI.

How to start the preparation and what needs to be considered when planning an exhibition booth? Activteam exhibition marketing specialist David Blonde describes as follow the preparations. “The exhibition targets are the starting point. They need to be exactly specified. Is the target a new product launch? Sell a new product? Inform about a new product? Get dealers to a new product or service? Is the target to establish a closer cooperation with existing dealers or existing customers? Etc.”

The next important issue is the budget. Is the budget is enough to reach the target to create a visual look and bring results in between hundreds of competitors? Can a leader image, a winner marketing strategy be created? Return of investment is closely related with the marketing strategy and marketing strategy is related with the visual appearance on the fairground. The booth design and shape creates the desired visual look, create the image and implement the marketing strategy and is the key of return of investment.

After considering all above, the next step is to create a booth that implement the company's characteristics, a recognizable look of the company. Is the company more conservative or modern? What is the philosophy and the style of the people, of the marketing? What will be the specific visual look and the atmosphere?

One of the most important marketing issues is to create the message structure of an exhibition booth. Messages needs to be sent to the audience from different positions and different distances. Is the booth or logo visible when exhibitors enter in the hall? What is the message in long distance, what is the message in medium or short distance? Often exhibition booths are not optimized in the message structure, the lost of leads can be immense. The results can be disappointing by approaching exhibition booth preparation the wrong way or can be an enjoyable contest with fruitful results when considering professional marketing approach.