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exhibition booth

Exhibition Booths

Exhibition booths design, construction and styles can cover unique corporate needs, when exhibiting to aquire a booth design and construction service. For bestt implementation of products presentation techniques and also to reach marketing targets, it is important to create custom built exhibition booth.

Businesses are searching for best approach for their exhibitions: interested in exhibition booth design concepts to target market segment leadership. Exhibition booth designs that reflect their corporate and brand identity is the first starting point, a whole number professional approach is needed. Prime design developments are the first to look for.

Custom stands or pre-build stands are the first to decide and mostly it depends on budget as custom stands can be double or triple the price of a system stand

Exhibition Booths - Why Creative Solutions are Important for Successful Presentation

Design is a valuable part of a successful exhibition. It showcases craftsmanship and innovative thinking that results in the products or services that are being displayed. Exhibition stand design continues to be evolving rapidly due to the advancement of technology.
In order to make a statement in a trade show, skilled designers follows the newest developments and styles. Factors such as the nature, industry, theme, budget, and target market are also equally important while planning the design of the exhibit.

The importance towards exclusive aspects of a business and displaying them through the desired construction type. Why booth design is important and is the first aspect.
Custom designed exhibition booths with a strong visual identity gives an organization its own look, makes the company recognizable, increase the importance. Implementing in the exhibition stand design company's characteristics is a key issue especially in today's crowded markets, where the exhibitor can get lost in the crowd.

By Activteam you will find the best exhibition booths to help getting your organization started with your exhibition booth design and strategy.

Find out the difference between custom and system stands:Custom stands: What makes the difference?


Exhibition Booth Types

Select the right design concept for your business, find the best solution for your budget. Choice the ideal type of construction to display products and services. We provide a variety of system, pre-build trade show booths and custom build.

- Custom build - Simple
- Prebuild / system - Modern
- Double deck - Futuristic
- Outdoor stands - Minimalist
- Wood custom - Thematic
- Budget stands - High end

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Exhibition Booth construction

The construction of an exhibition booth in regards of quality and finishing matters, because it gives the visitor a quality opinion also for the product and services and seriosity of the company. It enhance the atmosphere and it improves the image and can lead to increase of attention visibility on the fairground. This is why the construction quality is very important.
A leading image with the professional presence can depend on perfect execution of materials paintings paintings artworks. Fine furniture not damage it surfaces are often can damage the company's image. The construction also depends on quality of materials thickness of materials and colour combinations. The suspect are very important to make the stand not look in the lower end of possible outcomes.