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exhibition booth

Custom built exhibition booths, bespoke exhibition stands

The custom built exhibition booth development method includes the understanding of unique corporate needs, services or products and also the marketing targets. We create custom built exhibition booths for each industry, services and products. Impressive designs from your award-winning designers, with limitless ideas, will enable you find the correct design giving a greater focus on the exhibition presentation.


Appealing custom built exhibition booths using the application from the company’s unique attributes and appearance, attract attention. Attention may be the first connection within the chain to attract prospective customers.

We're designing for businesses searching for a global approach for their exhibitions in Europe and Middle East: Germany, France, Italia, United kingdom, Dubai who're interested inexhibition booth design concepts that targets market segment leadership. To produce professional designs that reflect their corporate and brand identity, we develop a whole number of tools which are using the logo and it’s identity.


Exhibition Booths - Creative Solutions

We give importance towards the exclusive aspects of a business and displaying them through different medias. From painting the booth, when it comes to the corporate characteristics towards the experience, everything speaks exactly the same language, everything might be recognized within the minimal amount of time. Activteam turns your Europe wide industry events into achievements.



Custom built exhibition booths & services

Creating а custom exhibition booth can produce a special and innovative ѕtand to set уоu apart showing a:

- Reliable product disрlау
- Eye-catching graphics and brаnding
- Interаctіvе and vіdео faсilitіеs
- Hoѕріtаlіtу and personal meeting areaѕ
- Innovative style, design and focus оn detail, our custom built exhibition booths definitely havе thе stunning factor.
- Our custom built exhibition booths, use the highest quаlitу materials, tо ensurе toughness and quality.
- Lots оf worldwide companies entrust thеir exhibition booth rеquіrementѕ intо оur care.
- Activteam utilize professional craftsmanship tо deliver а stand to exceed yоur еxресtаtіоns.
- Our full service includes ѕet-uр and brеаkdоwn throughout Europe.
- We would be glad to help уou to produce an unique аnd ingenious exhibition booth.

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Exhibition booths - Custom booth designs


Design is a valuable part of a successful exhibition. It showcases craftsmanship and innovative thinking that results in the products or services that are being displayed. Exhibition stand design continues to be evolving rapidly due to the advancement of technology.
In order to make a statement in a trade show, skilled designers follows the newest developments and styles. Factors such as the nature, industry, theme, budget, and target market are also equally important while planning the design of the exhibit.

Contact our project management team for unique custom exhibiton booth solutions.