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Custom exhibition booth design - Find the right appearance


The art of finding the right mixture of abstraction and emotion


A successful custom exhibition booth design should enhance the unique company’s identity and create a memorable visual look.
The same recognizable look and feel, character and identity in the new design should turn an abstract identity into a face people can like and trust, therefore custom exhibition booth design is the art of finding the right mixture of abstraction and emotion implementing the company's characteristics.


The idea and goal is to create a complete, integrated package that will be a unique and inviting presence at a fair so that visitors often surrounded by many competing demands for their attention will be attracted to the booth, and then have a memorably, enjoyable visit enhanced by both, the booth and the personnel. With a cleverly conceived, custom designed exhibition booth the exhibitor’s message and branding is much powerfully established.

Thus, the exhibiting personnel are free to interact more personally and effectively with visitors
to promote the desired commercial cooperation which, after all, is the most important
purpose of the show.

exhibition booth designexhibition booth designexhibition booth design

custom exhibition booth designs

exhibition boothexhibition boothexhibition booth


Selecting the right colors

A boring booth with boring colors and visuals, not highlighted and invisible products, not identifiable services, are often seen in trade fairs. Getting attention at the fairground in the first few seconds is crucial. Coloring the booth with modern colors that fits in the branch, aligned with the corporate company's colors is essential for booth visibility. Color contrast creates a tridimensional environment and can increase hugely the attention. Highlighted products and visuals that fits with the overall environment can give a boost in the presentation.

Read Activteam's case study Exhibition booth colours.

Marketing across cultures

The number of companies operating internationally is growing constantly. The world is opening up for foreign companies and new destinations in the companies business are increasing. In exhibition marketing the cultural differences are important to reach success into a new market. While there are national and local cultures to consider when developing new marketing strategies. High competition are make companies face larger tasks then before. When going international the challenges a company must face are new and unfamiliar.
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exhibition booth exhibition booth

Booth build in Frankfurt, Germany 36m2.


Activteam designers can help to create a successful custom exhibition booth design for exhibitions in Germany: Hannover, Berlin, Frankfurt, Paris, London and Dubai.

Activteam designs and build custom exhibition booths at the following countries and cities:

Germany: Berlin, Cologne, Dortmund, Dusseldorf, Essen, Frankfurt, Friedrichshafen, Hanover, Hamburg, Karlsruhe, Leipzig, Munich, Nuremberg, Stuttgart - UK: Birmingham, London - France: Bordeaux, Paris, Lyon - Italy: Bologne, Milan, Rome, Vicenza, Verona - Spain: Barcelona, Madrid - Netherlands: Amsterdam