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Exhibition booths and services, design and manufacturing

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Custom Exhibition booths design and build - Creation, supply and build up.

Discover fully specialized support on every step, starting from the initial idea and concept to work schedules and final implementation. Activteam offers a complete range of services, including custom exhibition booths design and manufacturing all over Europe. Planning entire booths is among our core competences. Our services are exceptionally fast, efficient, quick response times and flexible.

Find solutions to create personalized exhibition booths to meet your unique marketing objectives and logistic requirements. Activteam uses the latest technologies for booth construction and the highest quality materials. That means compelling and precise graphics, easy installations, intelligently designed exhibition displays, creating booths that integrate seamlessly, effective and efficient.



"Last trade show... I was scared! - My boss almost fired me."

To create booths inside the budget with maximal effciency, visibility and an impressive structure, clear messages are relevant targets. A systematic approach to implement all functional business requirements, will balance benefits and costs in a concept with the best cost-benefit that will increase success.
Contact us for the most cost-effective, high-quality solution for your requirements.

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Exhibition booths - Custom designed, manufacturing for every industry

With the experience of two decades designing and constructing high-end custom booths, with in-house manufacturing and design studio, skilled designers with a competent, experienced marketers, any exhibitor can find reliable support to reach the objectives.
Experts that help to design and construct a booth presentation plattform aligned with the exhibitor's objectives. From technological exhibition booths to merchandise display, services presentations, environmental booths etc.. Experienced designers and manufacturing facilities, provide masterly created concepts for every industry, every product or services. Stand out with your booth presentation in Europe or in the Middle East.


Exhibition booth construction - Visit the projects realization »

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Exhibition booth design - Bespoke, taylored, award-winning concepts

The booth design development process includes the implementation of unique corporate characteristics, services or products and also the marketing targets. We create booth designs for each industry, services and products. Innovative designs from your award-winning designers, with limitless ideas, will help you find the correct design giving a higher focus on the overall presentation.


Attractive exhibition booths using the implementation from the company’s unique characteristics and look, attract attention. Attention may be the first link within the chain to draw in prospective customers.

We're designing for businesses seeking for a global startegy for their events in Europe and Middle East: Germany, France, Italiy, United kingdom, Dubai who're searching for exhibition booth concepts that targets their market's segment leadership. To produce professional design concepts that reflect their corporate and brand identity, we implement a whole number of tools which are using the logo and it’s identity. We give weight towards the distinctive aspects of a business and expressing them through variations of communication.

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  • custom booth design
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Activteam exhibition booth builders - projects realized in Berlin, Germany.


Improve your exhibition booth

Get immediate results on creating the next exhibition presentation. We take time to comprehend exactly what our clients truly require: We have a track record kept of every customer we are handling, taking down precisely what are their requirements are, and their long term targets. To help them to prepare build and manage their presentation campaigns.
The exhibition industry is driven by innovation and exhibition marketing capabilities - which is driven by creativity and exhibition techniques. Examine providers to find the right experienced, knowledgeable teams that can stay close to customers in all exhibitions.

Preparation and managing of your exhibitions in all European geographical regions inclusive the Middle East.

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Activteam designs and builds exhibition booths Europe wide:

Germany: Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hanover, Cologne, Berlin, Munich, Dortmund, Essen, Friedrichshafen, Hamburg, Leipzig, Karlsruhe, Nuremberg, Stuttgart - UK: London, Birmingham, Harrogate - France: Lyon, Paris, Bordeaux - Italy: Milan, Rome, Vicenza, Verona, Bologne - Netherlands: Amsterdam - Spain: Barcelona, Madrid