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Custom stands for trade shows - A visible difference.


What is the difference between system and custom exhibition stands?

System stands like Octanorm, Maxima, offer pre-fabricated panels which are mounted together in a modular way.
System stands have very limited design possibilities as they are plain panels. There are also limitations to build plain walls, since the walls have metal connections, making large graphics a difficult challenge. System booths look two-dimensional.
The colors cannot be customized to the company's corporate colors as the systems are limited to a small range of available colors.

A modular stand, is not a custom stand.


Custom stands allow unlimited design options as they are hand-made from wood, iron, glass, and plexiglass. Custom exhibition stands can project the company's corporate identity through unique design, while transmitting a clear marketing message to the audience. Impressive custom exhibition staqnds can be constructed giving the booth a memorable and eye-catching presentation.


Custom exhibition stands: Unlimited design options

Custom stands can provide more visibility on the fairground, leadership image and perfect implementation of corporation identity in the concept if they are professionally designed. But what is a professionally designed booth? According to Activteam's marketer Dave Blond: "Winning concepts are solutions based on beauty which is a secret ingredient that makes a booth design go further as a trade fair presentation, giving visitors a singular experience. Good design creates emotion for the brand or product. "

Find below differences between system stands, stands with low presentation efficiency and winning concepts.

Five familiar stand problems - Which one do you want to overcome?

Boring design, bad quality materials, stand design not alined with the exhibition targets, unfriendly environment, bad product presentation are a few of the mistakes that unexperienced exhibitors make repeteadly. Contact our project management team to discuss existing problems and solutions.

  • Left: Previous exhibitor's stand.

    custom stand
  • Right: Activteam new stand design.

    custom stand

On the right: Custom built solution. The stand is build from wood, enlightened plexiglas parts and custom designed graphics, increasing the quality of the presentation and the transmitted message. Corporate colors have been implemented in the whole concept.


Previous stands:

stand design stand design


Activteam concepts:

stand design stand design

Designs with low presentation value versus winning concepts


Custom stands can be impressive or also boring concepts depends on the design. It's all about design, to develop a unique and professional business surrounding; to create the atmosphere and the message for a successful presentation.

  • Left: Previous stand.

  • Right: Activteam design.

  • Design with low presentation value:

  • Activteam custom stand design:


It is the richness of ideas, of knowledge about the range of styles and exhibition marketing know-how which allow us to create professional exhibition stands sales platforms.


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