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Exhibition stand design company


Searching for an exhibition stand design company with the capability to support your exhibition presentations in Europe and in the Middle East?

We design construct and manage your exhibitions in all over Europe from the UK, to Germany, France Switzerland, Netherlands, Italy and more. Today Paris, tomorrow London, and the exhibitions in Birmingham and Milan are in preparation? Find with Activteam a partner which can handle all your exhibitions. Superior systems are used by our project management team to support your exhibitions with fresh designs, overviewing administration tools, stand construction on the fairground, where you need only to come the day of the handover.


We design, manage, and construct your exhibition stand, delivering the ready result at the fairground. Hundreds of designs and constructions pictures showing through all our website shows the project that has been designed and the ready constructed stand. We show in an unquestionable way the design and the realization of plenty of projects on our website.


Activteam provides hundreds of design and realization pictures, trust has a history and throughout history we are able to announce true results.


Overview your project in every step

Everyone has made the experience dealing with a partner who does not understand the requirements easy and precisely has bad response times or even a bad organized project management. It can be a big headache if the other party does not understand quickly and precisely, slow processes can put your project in risk.


If you need to work double to cover mistakes or delays that should be managed by the exhibition company.

With Activteam you need only to provide the necessary input of your requirements wishes, the exhibition dates and the floor plan, everything else will be managed by our project management managers. Your project manager will stay behind your project and work independently and take you all the work.


Only the necessary input is required during the construction stage. After the design is approved, our construction team will realize the project as the design shows. All will work according to the plan and you need to just be on time on the fairground a couple of hours before the handover to receive the project perfectly constructed.


Exhibitors do not need to have on their side a managing person. The input of the requirements can be done in an organized way. The data input to our project management team is well organized and you will have the overview of your project in every step from the design process, during the construction, until the handover. The payment schedule overview is excellent, that is also important we have to say it here. Custom stands require expensive materials and skilled workmanship. A hungry Bear does not dance.

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Activteam provides services at the following countries:

UK: London, Birmingham - Germany: Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hanover, Cologne, Berlin, Munich, Dortmund, Essen, Friedrichshafen, Hamburg, Leipzig, Karlsruhe, Nuremberg, Stuttgart - France: Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux - Italy: Milan, Vicenza, Verona, Bologne - Netherlands: Amsterdam - Spain: Madrid, Barcelona - UAE: Dubai