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exhibition stand design

Trade show booth design - Discover modernity and innovation.


A trade show booth design aligned with the exhibition marketing targets is the first step when preparing a booth. As trade show targets can vary from new product launch, dealer search, establishing a new brand, etc.. A trade show booth environment created according to the objectives is essencial.
From finding the right appearance, to coloring the stand creating an environment, developing a fine atmosphere a booth needs to be fine tuned and work as an ultra effective trade show sales platform.


Marketing strategies need to be supported true powerful designs where trade show marketing concepts are part of the overall trade show booth design concept. To create a valuable brand, to increase customer relationships etc.. a trade show booth design concept should be part of a overall marketing startegy.
Activteam provides powerful exhibition booth designs. Our marketers have the expertise and the experience to develop booth concepts that interacts with the audience.

We create intelligent projects for profitable trade shows. Our concepts have the target are nice environments where unknown people will become friends, friends will become customers and customers will become loyal fans of the brand.


Supported by powerful customized software we focus on your exhibition objectives, company's tradition, philosophy and image, we further explore ideas to implement the overall strategy into an innovative trade show booth design concept. In this way, our customers gain an efficient stand presentation which enables to reach financial targets.

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Visual branding, essential to any marketing program


Creating trade show booth design concepts reflecting the corporate identity, are increasingly becoming the basis for efficient exhibition booth presentations. A professional design can deliver an irresistible message to potential customers.
Visual branding, essential to any marketing program, is becoming more important than ever. Creating opportunities for emotional brand experiences which contribute positively to the brand’s perception. To lead to a homogeneous corporate booth design, build and strengthen brand trust and bonds between customers and companies, the design is an important component in brand management.

Incorporating the style and the characteristics of an organization in the booth design with the features and facets, creates a recognizable impression of the company and shows the style and the known qualities of an organization on the fairground.
A successful trade show presentation needs a professional adaptation of the exhibitor's corporate identity characteristics in which the general look, color scheme and general concept are implemented in the design.
Our designers and project managers are working extensively to provide custom design and build solutions that are consistent with the exhibitor's corporate identity and aligned with the trade show targets.


Increase the dialog with a well designed custom booth concept and increase the dialog between relevant target groups. Find over 100 booth design ideas in our design gallery View booth design portfolio »

The first impression is crucial

Visitor’s first impression should not be underestimated, sensorial impressions are processed in the first 5 seconds. The operation of a company depends largely on the image and the message the trade show presentation transmits. To have a successful presence and to be able to reach the exhibition targets, the entire booth appearance needs to strike back quikly and positive as possible.

Be a leader in the market segment.

Bad design may affect a company’s credibility and negatively influence its atmosphere and sales process.
After all, a trade show booth should not be only a showroom. The entire booth should increase the credibility exposing the company as a leader in its respective market segment and enhance a "positive proof" with the quality of beeing trusted and believed.