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Exhibition stand contractor that offer modern design and manufacturing.
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Activteam, the first name when searching for unique custom exhibition stand design and construction, a leader in the exhibition industry that provide to exhibitors enhanced custom exhibition stand solutions with deep knowledge in exhibition marketing.


We provide innovative exhibition stand design and high quality construction with exceptional project management in Germany, Italy, France, Neteherlands, UK, Switzerland, Spain and the Middle East.


Our aim is to bring exhibition marketing to a professional level, increasing exhibitor's reputation and leadership in the market segment. Activteam is an exhibition stand contractor with over 15 years experience with a design and construction history of thousands of custom exhibition stand design and constructions.


Activteam undertakes all services from booth design - project management exhibition marketing advice, custom manufactoring and stands build up on the fairground.
We provide booth design and construction for global brands, governments, small and medium companies searching for a long term exhibition marketing strategy.


The Activteam Development - Build and Installation Advantage

Having pioneered the services of development and installation of custom-made exhibition stands since 1997, Activteam 's exclusive practical experience includes a large global exhibition stand design and build structure.

We create stand design concepts with a unique identity, designs with a memorable visual look.


Our designers create the look and feel and turn an abstract identity into a face people like and trust, therefore exhibition design is the art of finding the right mixture of abstraction and emotion.


The goal is to create a complete, integrated package that will be a unique and inviting presence at a fair so that visitors often surrounded by many competing demands for their attention will be attracted to the stand, and then have a memorably enjoyable visit enhanced by both the booth and the personnel. With a cleverly conceived, custom designed exhibition stand the exhibitor’s message and branding is much powerfully established.


Thus, the exhibiting personnel are free to interact more personally and effectively with visitors to promote the desired commercial cooperation which, after all, is the most important purpose of the exhibition. Branding should establish a unique identity, yet be adaptable to all kinds of media.
A custom built exhibition stand is the key for for attracting more visitors, more contacts and brings in more business.

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Custom designed exhibition stands


Stand out with your exhibition stand and get noticed


Exhibitions and trade shows are held all over the world to help bring businesses and customers together. They can also be held for businesses to find partners offering products and services that complement their own offerings. As there are often a good number of participants in these exhibitions, the challenge is to stand out in a sea of other brands and exhibitors. It is important that your exhibition stand design will be more than good enough to attract the attention you want for your brand and products.


How you can catch the eye of your customers and, more significantly, make a good impression on them?


Know your goals – Your purpose for participating in the trade show or exhibition should be clear to you. These should be the basis of your plans when searching for exhibition stand contractors. Everything about your exhibit stand should all help you achieve your goals. Be clear about what messages you want your stand design to convey.


Identify your target audience – Knowing who you are “talking” to in the exhibit will allow you to think of the best way to communicate the message and present your products, services, and brand. Learn what target consumers’ needs and wants are and direct your messages to them. Make sure your exhibition stand contractor understand their needs or wants. This will surely put the brand or product on their radar.


It also helps to be abreast on how the target market reacts to the latest trends. This will help you in designing your exhibition stand design and build and in choosing a strategy or gimmick.


Use attention-grabbing graphics – The classic adage “a picture paints a thousand words” says it all. Get target market’s attention by enticing them with interesting pictures. Make sure the chosen image or set of images conveys your company’s message or identity, without need for lengthy text.


Make a text thought-provoking – The key is to keep it short and powerful. People will not stop to read a lengthy copy. Witty is the word. Keep it short and sweet, and right on the dot. Use verbs, or action words. Substitute long sentences with short phrases or better yet, one word that captures your message. Your visitors are not likely to spend minutes reading walls of text from your product tarp in front of your exhibit stand.


Maximize the space – Confirm the size of the stand area with the organizers. Get all the dimensions including the height of your stand structure. You can capitalize on a high ceiling space by creating a high arch for the logo or brand name for instance, or putting a tall tower with a rotating sign. This will create a lighthouse effect that will lead your target to your standout booth.


These are just some practical points that you can use when planning an exhibition stand. Get in touch with Activteam exhibition stand contractors that will help bringing your concepts to life.