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The most forward-approach. Exhibition booth build by Activteam

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Exhibitions are perfect places for companies and establishments to promote their business and attract potential customers. However, with the big number of participating companies, all of which are determined to advertise their products and recruit new patrons, the competition is really tough and things can really get serious.


With limited exhibit space and a limited variety of exhibition booth builders through Europe, companies must think of ways to make sure that attendees visit their exhibition booths and consider doing business with them. Here are some tips and strategies to attract the right visitors and close a lot of sales during the event.


1. Establish the Essential Aesthetics – With up to hundreds of participating companies in one trade show, it is essential for a company to build a visually-appealing exhibition booth that can grab the attention of attendees and entice them to check the product. At the same time, since the exhibition booth is a representation of a company and its product, it should reflect a good balance of professionalism and aesthetics without going over the top.


2. Creativity is the Key – Experiment on creative ways to design the exhibition booth and make it stand out from the rest of the competitors. Creativity does not only apply to the external look, though. Exhibitions may get boring, but a clever and creative marketing strategy and the right exhibition booth builder can definitely break the monotony and catch the interest of the attendees.


3. Cut Costs, Keep Corners – Business is all about profit. Splurging on fancy but useless things (like expensive freebies, giant LED displays, and unnecessary gift items) is not a good idea. Although this may possibly attract some visitors, the return on investment is not guaranteed. Thus, you should make a list of all the important trade show must-haves and find alternative ways to work around the allocated budget. On the other hand, do not scrimp on important things, especially those that can yield above average returns (like a premium exhibition booth position or better exhibition booth builders).


4. Power of the Perfect People – A flamboyant and captivating exhibition booth is useless if it is filled with lifeless and nonchalant employees. Aside from having the right design and creative strategies, picking the right person to man the booth and talk to attendees can level up a company’s exhibition booth. Maintain a lively and upbeat exhibit display with friendly and active attendants.


5. Network, Make it Work – Talking is essential to a successful show. Talk to people and inform them about the event. Talk to anyone that checks the exhibit display. Talk to the fair organizers. Talk to the attendants at the neighboring booths. Basically, talk to everyone. Expanding and maintaining a reliable network is a general rule in business, and trade shows are the perfect platforms for companies to do this.


With a unique approach, an organized plan, and the right attitude, companies can maximize the promising market potentials in trade fairs and make it work to their business’ advantage.


We build your exhibition booth and manage your exhibition participations through Europe.

Activteam exhibitions it's the first address when targeting an unique and visible exhibition booth presentation to stand out at the trade fair.

We are exhibition booth builders located at the major trade shows in UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Italy, spain.

The ingredients of our exhibition booths are capable specialists, with experience and the talent to produce amazing exhibition sales platforms whith high visibility, that generate trust and announce a leading presentation.


Exhibitions can help startup and already established companies to increase their client base to announce their brands in the regional or world market. To build an exhibition stand that delivers expected results requires event marketing knowledge, presentation and experience in creating a successful exhibition stand. Searching for an exhibition stand builder with exhibition promotion skills and experience can help to find the right strategy and stay ahead of competitors.

Activteam is an exhibition stand builder with 20 years’ experience in exhibition marketing. Our exhibition marketers will help you to create an effective exhibition stand and reach exhibition targets.
We build remarkable exhibition booths designed with the ability to get attention. Designers with unlimited ideas create the desired company’s image on the fairground.


There isn't any secret it is the talent of designers with endless ideas, project managers that help exhibitors to find their position on the international exhibition trade fairs and builders that work with the aim to finish any detail perfectly.


Improve your exhibition - Attention, visibility in one event

The outcome according to our exhibitors is often visible at the first hours when an exhibition opens. Michael Porter an experienced exhibitor marketing manager of one of the leading world brands in electronics explains it:

"Getting results on an international trade fair has to implement in the chain attention, spreading the message to the audience environment of the booth."
Product or service Promotion, each position needs to be perfectly created and aligned like an script for a film. My long term experience now preparing for my company International trade fairs and in the last years working with Activteam exhibition marketers and designers gives me an idea how surprising deep and complex exhibition marketing can be.

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New, creative exhibition design and marketing concepts

Unique exhibition booth ideas and promotional concepts can help make a trade show a sought-after destination for visitors. Successful exhibitors are constantly on the look out for new, creative marketing concepts that differentiate their exhibition booths from the competition and attract potential customers.


To maximize outcomes, the quality and style of the booth elements needs to complement the booth design and reflect company’s reputation. If designed and arranged properly, all of these components can increase the impact of your exhibit and help make your booth staff be more effective. For product displays and other booth necessities during the initial design phase. Consider how each element contributes to your brand image and exhibit sales effectiveness.

Spend as much time upfront as possible with your exhibition booth builder and exhibit marketers to be effective, find specific objectives to measure success and have determined the role trade shows will play, as part of an overall sales and marketing plan. Moreover, finding attending show in the industry shows that reach your target audience, along with having well designed, memorable trade show booths, messages and promotional products are essential to set the stage for successful outcomes. Effective trade show marketing includes a multi-phased strategy. This approach encompasses a variety of marketing channels to attract visitors to your trade show booth and engage both prospects and customers.

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  • custom booth design
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Activteam exhibition booth builders - projects realized in Berlin, Germany.