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Exhibition Stand Build - Construction Services Europe Wide


Discover your partner when searching for an exhibition stand builder

Searching for exhibition stand builder with concepts produced with reliable and proven methods to increase revenue, keep costs down, is an essential criteria. Activteam uses the newest technologies and is under the exhibition stand builders, providing tailor made booths, using greatest quality materials, incorporating the most recent build and technical enhancements, advanced materials to construct unique projects. Using the capacity to create and exhibition build for each industry, product category and repair range.

As the unique point of contact, Activteam addresses the whole build and offer chain - in the receipt of the input data specifications towards the receiving the ready built stand. Since the entire exhibition build chain, top quality finishing using the implementation using advanced technologies along with custom web design abilities.

Clean, smart, highly efficient solutions are made to increase building and construction precision in an exceedingly competitive exhibition world. Because the booth finishing can tell a great deal about exhibitor’s image, quality materials, neat and fine colored surfaces can produce a visible improvement in the general looks.


Exhibition stand build - Discover fabrication and supply chain

As your single point of contact, Activteam covers the entire fabrication and supply chain - from the receipt of your input data requirements to the delivery of your ready exhibition stand. Furthermore, our clients profit from flexible project management administration, and digital organized administration processes, ensuring that you receive the flexibility you need to respond to your Europewide exhibition presentations. Our customized exhibition stand build solutions enable professional exhibition marketing platforms.

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Exhibition Build - Obtain superior services for your upcoming trade show

We offer custom exhibition stand build in Europe. With headquarters in Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland and UK. These locations ensure that the build up to all major exhibition cities are within a day's reach. We now serve also the middle East and Dubai. With regional understanding that will help you navigate with your trade fair quick, flexible, creative and detail-oriented. An effective stand after all, is among the best forms of marketing either for new or old established companies. It is a single venue in which a company can show at a glance that they stand out among their competitors.

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  • Exhibition stand build in Verona, Italy


Inside Exhibition Build Solutions - Working With Activteam

Activteam's innovation based thinking concentrates on human behaviors that drive "right the very first time" results. Like a reliable partner, being an exhibition company and contractor, building custom exhibition stands with an variety of exhibition solutions. Our reliable footprint, our decades of practical knowledge and our technical expertise, it'ss our enthusiasm allowing you to produce the perfect exhibition atmosphere, your ideal exhibition presentation.

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A unique exhibition stand in a world of competitors


Discover our detailed exhibition stand solutions in a world of competitors Find a reliable partner, and exhibit stand builder, with over 20 years manufacturing know how of custom exhibition stands, with provide an array of options. With our global footprint, our decades of expertise and our technical experience, it's our enthusiasm allowing you to produce the perfect atmosphere, your ideal premises.

Offering everything needed for any event presentations. We generate cost advantages for our clients. To carry on achieving complex needs and shaping your exhibition presentation and stand environments, systematically building around the innovation of recent styles and modern materials.

Activteam provides exhibition stand build services in the UK, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Europe wide. From Norway to Italy. From France to Russia, all across Europe quality design and build exhibition services.



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Activteam exhibition stand builders provides design and fabrication services at the following countries:

UK: London, Birmingham - Germany: Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hanover, Cologne, Berlin, Munich, Dortmund, Essen, Friedrichshafen, Hamburg, Leipzig, Karlsruhe, Nuremberg, Stuttgart - France: Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux - Italy: Milan, Vicenza, Verona, Bologne - Netherlands: Amsterdam - Spain: Madrid, Barcelona - UAE: Dubai