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Exhibition booth supply

Design, manufacturing and logistics.


Activteam provides trade show booth design and manufacturing and is the first name when searching for trade show booth suppliers. Activteam has the spirit and the capabilities to create and build stand concepts with aesthetics and bring your exhibition to a success. An efficient trade show booth logistics and supply when attending a trade show starts by creating a successful presentation. A supplier with the spirit, the capabilities to create ambience and aesthetics, bringing the trade show booth presentation to a success. Examinate our capabilities in exhibition booth supply, and check ou design and construciton history. Find below and overview of important points to considerwhen searching a trade show booth supplier:

1. The capacity to create unique design concepts:

Unique trade show booth design concepts focused on aesthetics with implemented leader strategy, aligned with exhibition marketing startegy. Activteam shows over 100 newest design and constructions showing unique concepts where marketing strategy and presentation of products and services are well presented.


2. Exhibition marketing expertise and knowledge:

In a world where marketing targets needs to be fine tuned to feed the purpose of the 21st century, exhibition booth suppliers needs to understand ehibition marketing targets and implement then in the exhibition booth concept. This is easy in theory but in practice it requires alot of deep understanding of exhibition marketing and special knowledge of the industry. To focus on service and exhibitor's requirements these are critical factors. The best design cannot be efficient if the marketing targets are not implemented in the design concept. Activteam exhibition marketers and designers with experience of over 15 years develop designs and implement the exhibitors marketing targets into the design concept. Our stands are powerfull exhibition sales plattforms to reach financial goals.


3. Communication skills to respond to the exhibitor's needs:

The project management needs to understand fast exhibitors requirements, understand the brief and provide fast and precisely solutions. Nothing can be more disappointing than a trade show booth supplier with low communication skills. A capable project management with the background to approach, understand and process exhibitor's wishes and requirements with the flexibility to balance budget and the possibilities of what can be designed and build is a key point that can bring peace of mind to the exhibitor.