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Exhibition stands designs for companies targeting to improve exhibition marketing strategy

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A new product or service is often the first "attention"

"New" is the key word for ultimate exhibition marketing. Potential customers react and turn their interest to exhibition stands designs where a new product or service is presented and highlighted showing their function and features and cover the newest trends. The new product or service need to reach the eyes attention through the stand design visuals, slogans, multimedia, targeting in long and short distance visitor's first attention. A new product or service is often the first "attention" highlighted created by large company and brands an can be an important marketing strategy for medium and smaller business.


Unfortunately often exhibitors don't create and adjust their exhibition stands designs and marketing messages transmission of information making their new products, in a way that it will be noticed and receive attention. Potential customers walking in front of the exhibition booth away and we wonder: "why our product does not get the right attention?"


Activteam exhibition stands design concepts are aligned with exhibition marketers that help companies to create their message and presentation combining the information and messaging with the right exhibition design concept.

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Exhibition stand in Hannover, Germany.


Create the design aligned with the exhibition targets:

New product launch

Targeting a new product or service launch, the transmission of information through slogans, wallpapers, and multimedia will be important to achieve for lead generation. High discussion tables, with bar stools, often will be the better choice to provide general information about the products or services, after visitors stop and show the first interest. An open designed booth will facilitate visitor's access.


To maintain existing customers relationships

For established companies and brand names targeting maintenance of existing customers. A good visibility is in first place as customers will search the stand in the exhibition. The exhibition booth should be visible from long distance, with good visible logos, to help customers recognize the brand. Exhibitors prefer to build a stand with more closed areas, to create a welcome atmosphere with different discussion areas as open or semi-open, close discussion rooms and VIP areas. The creation of a good atmosphere, with balanced lighting, will create an atmosphere where business partners can maintain their good relations.


Targeting lead generation

Targeting to find new potential customers for products and services, need the creation of front desks and information desks, with open exhibition stands designs where visitors easily approach the booth without barriers and get in contact with sales personnel. The front part has often high tables and bar stools where a short presentation can be the first information point. Is the target defined to get sales orders, semi-open or closed discussion rooms will enable a quiet eye in eye discussion.


To optimize your next presentation according to the exhibition targets. Exhibiting in Germany, France, Italy, UK, UAE, contact our project management team.

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Custom stand build in London, UK.