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Exhibition design and booth creation - Winning concepts


It is hard to be unique in a world that is full of competitors trying to stand out. It is not impossible to achieve this success though. With a creative exhibition booth design, is possible to have a unique appearance that is sure to be talked about.CeBit Hannover is the world's foremost exhibitions for the digital and electronics industry. Below some of our booth design ideas realized at the trade show:

  • booth design
  • booth design
  • booth construction
  • booth construction

Booth design in the high-range quality, with enlightened parts and backlight printings, enlightened raised floor.


A new service or product is frequently the first launch. "New" is the keyword for ultimate exhibition marketing. Prospective customers respond and turn their interest to trade convention booths where a brand-new product and services is provided and highlighted revealing their function and functions and cover the newest trends. The brand-new product and services have to reach the eyes attention through the exhibition booth visuals, slogans, multimedia, targeting in long and brief range visitor's very first attention. A brand-new service or product is typically the first "attention" highlighted produced by big business and brand names an can be an important marketing technique for medium and smaller sized organisation.


Sadly frequently exhibitors do not create and adjust their marketing messages transmission of details making their brand-new products, in such a way that it will be observed and get attention. Prospective clients strolling in front of the booth away and we question: "why our item does not get the right attention?" We design principles are lined up with exhibition online marketers that assist business to develop their message and discussion combining the details and messaging with the right exhibition design concept.

  • stand design
  • stand design

Curved shape booth design and three tone color harmony.


Designing an eye-catching booth


Targeting a brand-new product or service launch, the first task is to define the exhibition design concept. Creating an positive environment and transmitting the right message is the first approach. The transmission of info through slogans, wallpapers, and multimedia will be very important to achieve for list building. High conversation tables, with bar stools, frequently will be the much better choice to supply general info about the services or products, after visitors stop and reveal the very first interest. An open designed booth will help with visitor's access.

For established business and trademark name targeting maintenance of existing customers. A great presence is in first place as customers will browse the booth in the exhibition. The exhibit booth must be visible from cross country, with good visible logos, to assist consumers acknowledge the brand name. Exhibitors prefer to construct a cubicle with more closed areas, to create a welcome atmosphere with different conversation areas as open or semi-open, close discussion rooms and VIP locations. The creation of a great environment, with balanced lighting, will develop an atmosphere where company partners can keep their good relations.

  • stand design
  • stand design

Based on minimalistic design, this stand has enlightened borders and soft colors printings.


Design, manufacturing and logistics.


Activteam provides exhibition design and manufacturing and is the first name when searching for exhibition stand suppliers. With the spirit and the capabilities to create and build stand concepts with aesthetics and bring your exhibition to a success. An efficient logistics and supply chain when attending an exhibition starts by creating a successful presentation. Examinate our capabilities in exhibition booth supply, and check our design and construction history. Find below and overview of important points to consider:

1. The capacity to create unique exhibition design concepts:

Unique design concepts focused on aesthetics with implemented leader strategy, aligned with marketing. Activteam shows over 100 newest design and constructions, unique concepts where marketing strategy and presentation of products and services are well presented.


2. Exhibition expertise and knowledge:

In a world where marketing targets needs to be fine tuned to feed the purpose of the 21st century, exhibition booth suppliers needs to understand the marketing targets and implement then in the exhibition design. This is easy in theory but in practice it requires alot of deep understanding of exhibition marketing and special knowledge of the industry. To focus on service and exhibitor's requirements these are critical factors. The best design cannot be efficient if the marketing targets are not implemented in the concept. Activteam exhibition marketers and designers with experience of over 15 years develop designs and implement the exhibitor's targets into the concept. Our stands are powerfull exhibition sales plattforms to reach financial goals.


3. Communication skills to respond to the exhibitor's needs:

The project management needs to understand fast exhibitors requirements, understand the brief and provide fast and precisely solutions. Nothing can be more disappointing than an exhibition contractor with low communication skills. A capable project management with the background to approach, understand and process exhibitor's wishes and requirements with the flexibility to balance budget and the possibilities of what can be designed and build is a key point that can bring peace of mind to the exhibitor.


4. Exhibition services


Targeting to find brand-new possible consumers for products and services, need the production of front desks and information desks, with an open booth design where visitors quickly approach the booth without barriers and get in contact with sales personnel. The front part has often high tables and bar stools where a short discussion can be the first information point. Is the target defined to get sales orders, semi-open or closed discussion rooms will allow a quiet eye in eye conversation.
To enhance your next discussion inning accordance with the exhibit targets. Displaying in Germany, France, Italy, UK, UAE, contact our job management team.

  • booth design
  • booth design

Double deck exhibition booth with 50 m2 and partial covered roof.