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Geneva Motor Show Exhibition Booth Design and Construction

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The Geneva Motor Show is a famous motoring festival where leading manufacturers of the world car industry gather to display their technical skills. The renowned motoring event started in 1905 and proved be successful straight from the beginning. It featured nearly all the vehicles that were then displayed, which included some steam- and benzene powered units.

Some highligths of custom trade show booths, designed and constructed by Activteam at the Geneva Motor Show, the leading car industry trade show in Switzerland.

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From the Design To the Final Result

The preparation of an exhibition stand requires method expertise and is hard work, a lot of planning and preparation has to take place on the run up to the event to ensure a successful custom exhibition stand and visible results. Activteam helped exhibitors preparing exhibition stands providing all services from unique designed exhibition stands, marketing support and implementation up on the fairground.
From choosing the appropriate look, to coloring the stand developing an environment. Developing a fine ambiance an exhibition booth requires to be fine tuned and function as an ultra productive trade convention sales platform.
Marketing procedures need to be supported true powerful designs where trade convention marketing principles become part of the overall trade program booth design principle. To produce an important brand name, to improve consumer relationships. A trade show booth design principle need to belong to a total marketing strategy.



A noticed and captivating exhibition stand with clear messages, the designing of a fine atmosphere that will stay on everybody's mind. This exhibition has again shown that a personalized exhibition stand with a unique look is the main factor for exhibition great outcomes. A custom stand design can provide on the fairground an exceptionally and remarkable visual appeal. When the design is spectacular and special, it canmake an impression to the audience which frequently will identify the presentation of an important, major organization.
Activteam with the in depth knowledge of implementation of exhibition goals into the design, performs transforming vision into reality, to his exhibitors at every event.