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Exhibition booth design and build at Mobile World Forum Paris, France.


The Mobile Broadband World Forum in Paris, the world’s largest Broadband exhibition, attracted thousands of trade show visitors for its 11th anniversary, featuring more than 200 exhibitors all in one place at one time. Huawei, a leading global provider of information and communication technology solutions, commissioned Activteam to design and construct their exhibition booth.

Huawei received three Broadband InfoVision Awards at the Broadband World Forum Europe 2011, including the award for Broadband Innovation of the Year.
Activteam custom booth design and build designed a highly functional custom exhibition booth to showcase the quality of Huawei’s products and the their unique corporate culture, with an aesthetically impressive solution in a minimalist design. Design ideas were created by and coordinated with the Activteam exhibition marketing department.


design  design


booth design   booth design

The concept of the Huawei exhibition booth design was based on clear volumes, straight lines and minimalist, elegant shapes. The entire flooring, in laminated glossy materials with back light parts in milky plexiglass, creating a futuristic atmosphere; harmonized beautifully with the lacquered finishing of the interior walls and podiums which were covered with modern abstract designs.

Inside this clean, elegant and restful atmosphere, and using the 33 available flat screens and touch screens, visitors were able to browse comfortably the latest information about Huawei products and services.
The entire exhibition booth build process until the final installation on the fairground, is documented in pictures below:

build up  stand construction  booth build


construction  building   stand build up
Exhibition stand build up on the fairground.

The Final Result:

Activteam designed a clean minimalist design to go with Huawei's newest phone launch. Huawei exhibition stand was designed with detailed thought and inspiration. It was all about bringing the Huawei brand and its message at its greatest essence. Making it appear in a brilliant and clean space.   

stand  stand  stand

stand    stand

stand  booth  booth

Focusing on the essentials while adhering to a minimalist design, Activteam created a trade show stand that is a symbol of class, luxury and efficient communication.