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New Exhibition Design Concepts at IFA Berlin

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Alibaba Stand Design

Innovative contemporary and memorable stand design adapting company's culture, creates the right message and result in a visually exciting stand that attracts visitors.

New exhibition stand design concepts incorporate the company’s identity with an ample and adaptable identity in order to attract more customers. The hardest part of creating new and innovative stand designs, is the fact that some companies have yet to establish themselves clearly. Therefore, when they create their exhibition designs the message that they should send does not communicate clearly. Activteam erases theses incommunicable messages and creates a design that sends the exact message that exhibitors needs to send. This message also happens to be a large part of marketing and identity.

Alibaba.com a leading search engine and the world's largest online B2B marketplace, commissioned Activteam to create a significant presence for them at the IFA Berlin trade show, a premier showcase for innovation in the electronics industry and the technology of tomorrow. IFA Berlin is the world's leading sales platform for consumer electronics and the industry's number one venue for seeking and creating new commercial relationships.

design  design  stand
Alibaba.com exhibition stand design build at IFA Berlin trade show in soft orange colored, enlightened stand.

The goal of Activteam's custom stand design was to communicate as much of this as possible through the medium of the stand itself. This helps Alibaba's staff to pursue and develop the personal rapport that is essential to effective commercial cooperation with clients. After consultation with Alibaba's people, and absorbing as much as possible of the company culture, Activteam came up with a concept that carried out this goal with elegant yet effective design, all executed with quality workmanship.
This resulted in a visually exciting contemporary stand design that attracted visitors, engaged and entertained them. Providing a memorable experience which will hopefully promote successful results.

AC Ryan Stand Design

exhibition stand  stand  stand

The stand for the exhibition from Ac Ryan at IFA Berlin is also a fantastic example of how the use of lights and colors can draw interest to the booth . Ac Ryan's stand is able to take advantage of the even the small space inside their booth to draw guests to enter the booth.

I-Station Exhibition Stand Design

booth  booth  booth

The curvaceous forms and colors are what make this modern exhibition stand design unique. The light elements created the focus of certain aspects of the stand, getting more attention of visitors at IFA trade show.

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