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Custom exhibition stands, designed and constructed by Activteam for the trade show E-World Energy and Water in Essen, Germany.


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When researching choices, there specify information that should be considered for the greatest trade program booth effect, it is better to deal with a knowledgeable team of specialists who understand the significance of bring in the ideal audience to your booth. With a customized booth design, an exhibition participation can do a lot more than make a business look great.

Global Companies

Huge name businesses, acknowledged brand names and market leaders are more likely to reach the competent contacts and valuable company leads. Companies that set themselves up as major gamers, with a lot of interactive space and a commanding exhibition booth, are the ones that get the most out of their presence making the most of the event marketing ROI. Utilizing low quality, poorly created exhibition booth can jeopardize a business's effect and reputation. Activteam designs concentrate on particular targets, geared toward reaching the company's goals, all while promoting the company name with sharp graphics, LED screens, and advertising materials.

With an engaging booth style and an useful assistance team that comprehends the unique requirements, message, and objectives of the business, advanced structural styles, prominent graphics; we will develop an inviting environment and an efficient exhibition strategy that offer the impact that gets results.

Producing constant exhibition booth presentations

Activteam provides the current choices in customized expo solutions to boost the impact of your next exhibition. Establishing custom exhibition style solution that take exhibitors far beyond the current image. Creating a consistent corpostandrate identity across your exhibition discussions. This means your brand name, your message, will acquire momentum as visitors see it on the exhibitions.                                                                           

Find exhibition services to continue brand growing strategies

When it pertains to taking part in an event, it is important that you are special and stand out. When you think that many booths are tailored to a specific audience, this means that the bulk of booths are going to be providing the very same or comparable items to you, so you need to guarantee that your exhibition booth is something amazing, which is going to make you stand out from the crowd and make an effect on your prospective consumers. Activteam offers options to continue growing your brand name.

Creating a well-designed exhibition booth is a challenging task.

To create a custom exhibition booth, it is essential to seek the aid of a professional designer, otherwise, there is the risk of making expensive errors. Exhibition stand interior decoration will be a crucial component to bringing clients into your stand and keeping them there. The style selected will greatly impact the feel of the booth has and the kind of consumers who will be drawn in. Subtle design decisions might play a vital role in how a customer perceives your exhibition stand, so think about every appearance of what will be entering into your stand.

Are your consumers entering into your stand? Depending on your location and the kind of traffic you'll be getting, your exhibition stand interior ought to be tailored towards the proper public. An open design is finest matched for a stand where individuals will be doing approach in, whereas a closed design with remote areas is ideal for standattending already existing clients.

There are particular components that every exhibition booth need to have such as furnishings, audio visuals, display screens, and display counter however that doesn't suggest their style needs to be neglect. Tables and chairs will be needed for the customers, but you might likewise decide to provide sofas for them to unwind on as well.
The beyond your stand is simply as important as the within since this is the very first thing customers will see. Your stand front and company sign ought to match your exhibit stand interior in style and decor. And naturally, you do not wish to neglect the style of website, store logo, or service cards. They might not become part of the interior, but extending the design style to them will give your whole company a more unified brand look.

Having a design budget might be a great concept if you desire to keep your booth design up to date and constantly fresh looking. Make sure to keep all the little things in mind. The colors can considerably impact the state of mind in the stand as well as the shape of tables might provide the entire place a different feel. When opening, or redecorating, an exhibition stand, it is vital that the style is effective and expense efficient. A well-prepared design can make the difference between a popular exhibition stand, and a last option structure.
Prior to you begin to create a design find the most efficient and well positioned exhibitions space. Determine how the space will be used then take measurements to develop a layout that incorporates the architectural features of your stand.