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Harley Davidson Exhibition Stand Design and Build at Former Show Bread and Butter Berlin

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“Hog Heaven” – Harley-Davidson Exhibition Booth Revealed

Exhibiton booth design and construction doesn't sound like a big deal – but in true Harley-Davidson style, nothing about the design, build, and reveal of the new Harley-Davidson exhibition booth can be considered small. Just ask the visitors to the Bread and Butter trade show for street and urban wear held in Berlin at the historical airport Berlin-Tempelhof.
The works took seven men and 14 days to complete – and then the Harley-Davidson booth had to be mounted on site in just three days. A mix of rustic wood and steel combined to make the Harley-Davidson booth a stand out and a crowd favorite.

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The Space 132m2 - The Booth Design - Realized Booth


The group responsible for this amazing reflection of the powerful and independent lifestyle that Harley enthusiasts from around the world have come to love is Activteam – a firm that specializes in bespoke custom exhibition booth design and construction. The booth's designers team ended up with a finished product that exudes everything that Harley-Davidson booths for – freedom, adventure, and individuality.
Activteam certainly went above and beyond the call of duty with this customized Harley-Davidson booth. The design concept was to make visitors feel like the booth had always been in place at the exhibition site – and a vintage look was requested.

The requirements provided to the stand constructor Activteam were very detailed. Below are a brief part of the requirements.

*All visible metallic structures are made of natural non-cleaned black metal, visible stains (“fumed” look as in renderings) polished with clear varnish.
*All wooden structures including the flooring are made of the same kind of old-vintage-looking real wood (except for the top of discussion table, made of black melamine)
*All structures are designed to stand-alone, no structure must be attach to any part of the building.

stand  stand  stand

design plan  design plan  design plan

The Activteam project management team was responsible to coordinate and manage the project from the design stage until the stand handover in cooperation with the construction manager, for all technical matters. “The Activteam project management team said: We received very detailed designs and clear requirements from the designer. The professionalism of the design and requirements are both an important part to construct and comprehend a project, which has to be carefully prepared with colors and materials to reflect the design in reality.” Special thanks to the construction management team responsible for the construction quality.

The preparation of materials and parts in factory

To achieve this feat, Activteam used materials like stone, iron and wood. The stones selected are a German Granite called Thanstein, which have a light gray color and has been known to have come from an area 420 km away in Germany. To get a truly aged effect, we used non-cleaned black metal with visible staining for what is known as a “fumed” look while they caused an “aged” look on many of the iron parts by treating them with ammonia to provide fast oxidization.
The wood used in the booth was also treated with DAB6 Kaliumdichromat to provide the vintage look. Special parts for this monstrous exhibit were specifically manufactured for the build, which required the utilization of specialists in both wood and metal crafts during the build.


A team of highly specialized individuals in wood as well as metal handcrafters had to prepare the exhibition stand parts. Custom booths require an specialist exhibition stand supplier for preparation and finishing in wood, Plexiglass, glass and iron due to the fact that 100% of the stands are built by hand.

Installation on the fairground

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The red parts on the wall graphics are designed to be decorated with original motorcycle parts.graphic

Finished exhibition stand on fairground

This Harley-Davidson stand was built entirely by hand and featured the implementation of original Harley-Davidson motorcycle parts in the design. All in all, the entire Harley-Davidson exhibit looked like it was a living, breathing Harley-Davidson ad– and trade show guests took an immediate liking to it; in fact, this was the favorite exhibit among many patrons to the show.

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