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Domotex Hannover 400m2 Exhibition Stand Design and Build

The Alsorayai Group presentation at Domotex Trade Show


Alsorayai Group, a flourishing carpet and rug business based in Saudi Arabia, were scheduled to exhibit at Domotex Hannover, the world’s largest floor covering industry trade show set in Hannover, Germany. Alsorayai, in business for over half acentury, a major player not only in traditional rugs and carpets but also in more innovative floor covering technologies that were being adopted by the industry. They chose Activteam stand construction to convey their image of devotion to traditionally high standards of quality of exhibition stand design and manufacturing within the context of contemporary distribution and market systems. Seeking to distinguish itself from the other floor covering enterprises at the exhibition they sought an exhibition booth design firm that would understand the challenge, come up with a concept that would convey the message, cleverly create a design to carry the concept and then cost-effectively construct a stand that would reflect the quality and integrity of the Alsorayai Group.


The Design

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Alsorayai wanted to emphasize how they were selectively implementing useful technological advances in an industry noted for its traditional design and manufacturing methods.

To that end, they commissioned Activteam to provide a complete exhibition booth design solution that would convey their message to their industry and attract the positive attention and approval of potential clients and associates. Letting Activteam provide the appropriate booth solution would free Alsorayai to do what they do best and that is to excel in the floor covering business and would also complement their purpose for being at the fair.

The End Result

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Activteam created a powerful and exciting presence at Domotex resulted in a beautifully harmonious presentation that resulted in an unusual design mirroring the unique excellence of both businesses. Alsorayai's message to its clients and colleagues was inherent in the method of communication, in this case the booth that was created by Activteam. Activteam booth designers provided a concept that communicated everything that Alsorayai wanted.

They came up with an esthetically exciting environment within a 432 m2 floor booth space that showed the experience of doing business with a world-class company devoted to elegant exhibition stand design executed with high-quality workmanship delivered at competitive cost. That is exactly the message that Alsorayai commissioned them to convey.

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The combination of a reassuringly intimate interior environment within the strikingly contemporary exterior of the booth mirrored Alsorayai's message of its commitment to using cutting-edge business systems and marketing techniques to carry its tradition of fine design and satisfyingly excellent workmanship through to a commercially successful future.

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