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Franchise Expo Paris is recognised as the world leading and most diversified franchise exhibition with more than 460 franchisors and more than 35 000 ready-to-invest entrepreneurs. Franchise Expo Paris is the international hub connecting investors from 105 countries with the most renowned franchisors looking to expand their concept worldwide. The entire international franchise community including consultants, lawyers, bankers, franchise associations, retail real estate developers converge in Paris to exchange ideas, create new relationships and discuss franchise business opportunities.

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The trade fair marketplace is one of the main service providers of the European economy. It is considered in the international competition as particularly efficient, innovative and most wide ranging. As one of the most essential marketing instruments, trade fairs and exhibitions are key impulse generators for the interna-tional trade in goods and services. Trade fairs and exhibitions contribute to an intensifi-cation of competition as well as to an rise in growthand employment.

Due to the high degree of internationality of European trade fairs, the effects for the economy as a whole are particularly marked.n the wake of globalization and a greater orientationon strong markets, the importance of such sector mar-ketplaces with global significance will increase evenmore in future. The trade fair companies are thereby increasingly developing into comprehensive marketing partners for industry. They are the intermediary between providers and buyers.


France is the right entry gate to enter the european market, it is now clearly accepted that traditional fairs cannot be replaced by virtual ones. Face to face contact remains a substantial privilege of traditional fairs. Implementing customer relationship management (CRM) and building up the loyalty of clients remain the advantages of exhibitions. Nevertheless, the World Wide Web has very much affected the organization of exhibitions.

France is famous for its trade shows. Every year almost 500 different events take place all over the country. Some of those are huge international shows, are more local and more specialised trade events. France offers something for everyone; all leading industry sectors are covered - production, technology, food, automobiles, fashion and beauty, leisure, travel, construction, education and many more. Every sector has at least a couple of trade events, each of them attracting different crowds.

Activteam has been for more than two decades an exhibition stand builder, that is always prepared to be of great assistance to companies improving their brand name and result of the organization to the target customers, to existing customers and prospects, and the branch to which the business belongs.

The Choice of the Show Depends on the Nature of Your Business

It is extremely likely that - as a foreign company - you would decide for an international trade show like Paris Franchise Expo. These are usually taking place in one of the major cities, such as Paris. Lyon.stand
For your convenience and reference we have made a map - cities hosting most international trade shows are marked dark red with their names in capitals; other cities are home to smaller amount of shows, however they are still important,

especially in certain industry sectors. Of course, there are other towns and cities that host a couple, usually specialised trade shows - these are not on the map, but you might find them in France trade show list.


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