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EFEE Netherlands Exhibition Stand Builder

The EFEE World Conference on Explosives and Blasting to be held in Maastrich, Netherlands, has fixed itself as one of the main international blasting events. Our past events had been visited by over 400 attendees from 51stand countries with a large industry exhibition as well as the biggest names in the industry.

EFEE Exhibition is a place where specialists can connect to exchange information and do business with no limitations, helping to catapult the sector forward. This special event attracts attention from explosives users, producers and exploration equipment workers as well as experts and professionals associated with the construction and mining industry.

There is so much of looking after about promoting goods and services at events, as the exhibition stand design and to search out a proper exhibition stand builder. In advertising, moving with the tendency is thought of as a good idea. Eventhough, there is an tremendous battle for attention there. What you can do is complement and accentuate your presence goals by means of event marketing. The Activteam development and assembly team can assist you to design and build a notable exhibition stand for EFEE World Exhibition with an exceptional exhibition result.


Having pioneered the 'development' and installation of customized exhibition stands since 1997, Activteam 's distinctive functional working experience features a large global trade show booth design network. With high skilled designers and personnel, Activteam has build exhibition stands for many worldwide acting businesses and brands, exhibition stands at EFEE World Conference, high quality exhibition booth manufacturing for the industry, helping multinational acting businesses and brands to outstand.

Activteam assisted exhibitors setting up stands providing all services from exclusive designed exhibition stands, promotion support, target marketing implementation and assembly on the fairground. The improvements brought about by engineering have created a true revolution and new concerns for the industry: technology enhancing production, while simultaneously, serving the consumer. The created exhibition stands were intelligent positioned at targeting prospective visitor's attention from all directions. Exhibitors noted increased traffic just at the first day.

EFEE World Conference Trade Show Booth Design

High visibility identifiable look to your company and a leading image, create attention and the inviting ambiance inside the exhibition stand. The planning of an exhibition stand demands technique knowledge and is hard work, a lot of preparation. Groundwork has to take place on the go up to the show to ensure a productive outcome and visible results. Activteam helped exhibitors setting up exhibition stands providing all services from particular designed exhibition stands, marketing program, execution and construct on the fairground.                  

The tight correlation between personal interactions, performance, and innovation of designers, are building, new exhibition stand concepts, designed to maximize business encounters.

Activteam designs and build exhibition stands Europe wide:

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