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Spoga + Gafa - The role of exhibitions in the marketing mix and builders that can provide efficient presentation


Collect ideas, groom contacts, harvest good results: The cutting edge companies of the international garden industry know why they decide to present their company and merchandise at spoga+gafa Cologne every year. Take advantage of this chance to expand your network too and make sure your company is a topic of conversation.

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The preparation of a booth design requires method expertise and is commitment, a lot of planning and preparation has to materialize on the move up to the event to ensure a highly effective outcome and visible results. They chose Activteam booth design and build to convey their image of devotion to traditionally high expectations of quality of exhibition booth design and manufacturing inside the context of contemporary distribution and market systems. Activteam assisted participants preparing exhibition stands providing all solutions from unique, promotion support and target execution and build up on the fairground.

Customized solutions to a more Innovative and Adaptive Culture, designing innovative, passion-evoking stands driven understanding of exhibition marketing strategies, presentation methods, and leadership combined with ingenuity, creativity and sleek aesthetics guide the transition from design into successful exhibition presence.

New products or services need to reach attention through the stand design visuals

The new product or service need to reach the eyes attention through the stand design visuals, slogans, multimedia, targeting in short and long distance visitor's first attention. A new product or service is often the first attention highlighted created by large companies and brands an can be an important marketing strategy for medium and smaller business. Regrettably often exhibitors do not create and adjust their bespoke exhibition stand designs and marketing messages transmission of information making their new products, in a way that it will be noticed and receive attention. Potential customers walking in front of the bespoke exhibition booth away and we wonder: why our product does not get the right attention?

Providers attempt their best to launch maximum numbers of products to promote. However, the commercial failure or success of a product will not rest solely on the product itself. The launch strategy adopted also determines whether a product succeeds or fails. The main factor to success in the launch process often rests in locating the proper strategy.


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