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Welcome to the most forward-thinking, Activteam exhibition stand supply.


We are in a time where innovation happens every day. Before another business takes originalities or produces a similar item, one's product have to be launched in the event the best state is accomplished. An event needs to be successful - for apparent factors, naturally. Get more clients to purchase through the company, then more profit will likely be created in the process.


When searching for exhibition stand suppliers is necessary to consider the expenses of your trade show before you start a campaign. Although trade show presentation is pricey, it might be extremely financially rewarding to your organization, which is truly worth the time to research for an optimized solution. Marketing companies are extremely costly rather of suitable for every single company. An exhibitor need to have an overview that the investment remains in a great financial location before investing.

With Activteam the marketing service is included in the exhibition stand hire package. Design, build and implementation of your business strategy in the design concept is included in our effort to increase the visibility of your business on the fairground.


The Activteam marketing department will analyze your products, services and business promotion strategy in the design concept. Our tridimensional approach of design, marketing and construction management, distinguish Activteam as the first name in the branch when searching exhibition stand suppliers for high-end stand solutions.


We take time to comprehend exactly what our clients truly require: We have a track record kept of every customer we are handling, taking down precisely what are their requirements are, and their long term targets. To help them to prepare build and manage their presentation campaigns.

Exhibition Suppliers Offering a Complete Range of Services, Fast, Reliable and Creative in Every Aspect.

We supply outstanding service to our clients around Europe. We frequently invest in our workforce, resources & techniques, ensuring the top degrees of functionality & availability, every time. We ensure our strategies perform for you, with productivity gains, improved capability, increased service.

Do you make these mistakes when exhibiting?

Create an effective booth environment and design related to the purpose of your event

Effective exhibition stand supply - Professional solutions When searching for effective exhibition stand suppliers that provide professional exhibition stand design and build solutions, what are the particular mistakes that can affect the outcome? The important question is do I make then? Important skills are to be quick, creative and detail-oriented. An effective exhibition stand will focus in the best forms of advertising either for a new or an old established company. It is a single venue in which the exhibition stand can prove at a glance that the exhibitor will stand out among all their competitors.


Among the most important considerations in designing and assembly of a project is the target market. After all, an event for a wedding fair is likely to be far different from that of a hardware fair. The visitors of each of these events are likely to look for different things and, thus, the booth must be designed to spark their interest in the products.


May some clients when they leave your booth have a boring face?

Another important factor that must be taken in consideration, is the overall concept and design. There is a certain sensibility that must be applied to design, whether it is thematic, over-the-top detailed or highly minimalistic. A detailed exhibit that is not planned well will look garish and distracting, causing potential customers to dismiss it as tacky. An overly spartan one will, however, not stand out with a notable project, will limit the outcome.


The materials for the construction must then be sourced, whether these include plants, glass cabinets, special constructions or elegantly-bound catalogues from the local print shop. Professional exhibition suppliers then get to work, forming and sculpting panels and decorations when exhibitiong.


Effective exhibition stand supply means that much care must be given in ensuring that the stand meets the specifications of the fair. In fact, much of the preparation is done in advance of the fair. Our factory with advanced tecnology to prepare high quality finishings in the factory by using special techmniques making the finishing looking brilliant as they are not just painted on the fairgrount. Activteam is one of the preferred suppliers for companies searching for high-end projects

With all these challenges, then, keep in mind that whenever you commission an exhibition stand supplier, you must take care to choose only the best builders to handle your project. After all, fairs are an avenue to showcase the uniqueness of your products to new customers, bringing in a multitude of opportunities.

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